Batla House: Why John Abraham said Our film industry is not a secular!

"John Abraham film Batla House" will be released on 15 August the film is based on a true incident.

Batla House: Why John Abraham said Our film industry is not a secular !

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Mumbai: John Abraham the actor of the upcoming movie "
Batla House" that the film industry is not a secular he says that the industry is not a 100% secular it is a divided into two groups and this is the truth of life John said this at an event during the promotion of his film.

John stated views on these the problem is there the word is divided into two factions my film has a dialogue it is not that one community is suffering but the whole world is facing it look at "Donald Trump" look at Brexit look at "Boris Johnson" the word is divided into two factions are living in this word so you have to face it with that I also think it's the best the country is the best industry.

John also believes that social media should not be taken seriously, because those who troll do not have a face.

There will be a clash with Akshay Kumar film

Johns's upcoming films Batla House is based on the 2008 Batla House encounter in Delhi. The film is releasing on August 15 with Akshay Kumar's "mission mangal" so both films can clash at the box office.

John said I think the best thing is that who film based on the true event is releasing simultaneously on the same day. as far as business is concern aid both Akshay and I know that both films have ample business opportunities. I believe this is a very special day for the audience they are winners because they have the chance to choose one of two very good films.

Films are being made on real events

regarding the films being made on a true event in Bollywood this day is John said whether it is about article "15" super "30" or "Uri" I think we are telling good stories right now. I can assure you would like Batla House to buy one of those extraordinary stories that are being told.

according to John, I don't think it a trend you should do what you believe in so if you want to make a story on a real-life character or event you make it. If a fictional story does what you want to tell. everything goes.

directed by "Nikhil Advani"" Batla House" also star "Mrunal Thakur" Ravi Krishna" and Rajesh Sharma" this action thriller film is scheduled to release on August 15.