England vs Ireland highlights 2019

England vs Ireland: sport highlights 

trial Ireland by 122 after 20 wickets fall: highlights 


1) 20 wickets fall on the thrilling days
2) England 85 all out before launch 
3) 4-day test lord England won the toss
4) balbirnie 55, Stirling 36
5) England last match before ashes
6) Murtagh 5- 13, Adair 3- 32

England vs Ireland

after selecting to bad the host struggled to play the moving ball at lord's, with the team after taking Murtagh taking 5-13.

when the ball does anything you shut your eyes and hope England
get through it, Vaughan told test match special.

this one of matches England last test before the attempt to the region the attempt from Australia, starting on 1 August England vs Ireland match.

England vs Ireland cricket

unless the change their mind when applying the moving ball there are going to be many more days like this over the coming weeks.
England vs Ireland

former captain elastic oxide England still have a chance of victory against Ireland despite their first-innings collapse.

England Steel in this game which is remarkable after getting the bowl out for 85 batting first.

If Ireland
get a few early wickets in an England's second inning the pressure will be really on them because then they really should win this test he said.

Congratulation to Ireland they had a fantastic day, depute us under pressure and did not letter of but we did not respond to it. 

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