Potato Cheema (Potato Pancake) Recipe Just Make 10 Minutes

The traditional potato cheese is made from potatoes and onions are very tasty and they are made very quickly in this recipe curry chila has been made using a greatest potatoes onions green onions green coriander and Maida .it is absolutely perfect for serving the children in the morning breakfast or after school follow the step-by-step photo is used to make a Potato cheese at home.
Potato Cheema (Potato Pancake) Recipe Just Make 10 Minutes


Two large potato peeler and grated (approximatly 1 cup grated)
1 large onion slicer grated in a length about 1/4 cup
Tablespoons flour rice flour tablespoons finally chopper coriander of fresh parsley 18 years to black paper powder 3 to 4 tbsp oil to shake.


1. Sprinkle the potatoes and slice them of a football field with water in order to protect the grilled potatoes from black.
2: what's the grated potato 3 to 4 times with water remove access is water by digging them and authoring extra water or to remove AdSense moisture from the potatoes put them in a Satin cloth and put them in a few and praise the spoon and remove excess water.

3:  photo with potato finally prepare onion and green coriander in a bowl.

4.  Mix them well and outflow black pepper powder and salt to eat.

5:   mix them well.

6:  heater small banquet AC surface on a medium flame insert 2 to 3 tbsp oil . in it add oil or more according to the size of anchor in lower surface of pancreas should be covered with oil divide the mixture into 6 to 7 equal parts you can make a chilla in the mix in two ways using your hands hollow .

step 6:  or to keep the mixture directly over the pan cloth and spoon it make a spherical follow it take a portion of the mixture in your hand and press with between your palm and fingers.

7:  was it a lightly to make it like tikki if it does not become a circular then do not worry.

8:  if you want to make a chain directly in the pan defend oil is hot give one person one little bit less than 1/4 cough in PAN card with a spoon mixture and pasting it with a spoon of one make thicker 2 inch thickness if you have made chiller using a hand when the oil becomes hot then keep  2-3 chilas in the pan.

9: after 2-3 minutes you will see that the lower surface of Chila start to become gold colored as shown in the photo from the edges.

10:   when this happens then turn it over it will take a 2-- 3 minutes in make it loud Golden on one side.
11: Fry the shells about 2 minutes until it turns gold from both sides.

12:   removed from the pan and remove the extra the provinces out of the remaining mixture to make II chappal for oil into the pan curry is needed sir crispy potato chila with a green coriander chutney or cheese deep.

Suggestions and Variations:

# If you are using a medium or large size pant /cloth you can make 2/3 chilies at once in accordance with the size of Pan Crust.
# If the mixture of Potato Onion for is scattered then in step 5 and 1 tbsp flour.