Today I will talk about" how to increase website traffic using on-page SEO and off page SEO"  Before starting, you need to know about the initial two topics. The first is "What is SEO, and how it works", what is "White Hat and Black hat the Seo"? I hope that you have good knowledge about these two.

Read here to learn more: 

(1) What is SEO, and how does it work? (2) What are White Hat and Black Hat SEO (types of SEO)?  

Increase website ranking from SEO Techniques: On Page & Off Page SEO

SEO The technique is of two types: 

- On page SEO (On-Page 

Seo Technique) - Off Page SEO (Off-Page SEO technique)
On page SEO Technology (On-Page SEO technique)
On page SEO By using certain techniques on the website page, one can rank the ranking number of any website. Understanding what those techniques are and how to use them right, in the following.

1. Page Title is the most important root of any "article" post. So always try to be sure that the page title contains the most specific keywords related to the post. Or try writing a page title similar to a keyword.
One thing must be sure that the keywords never repeat in the page title. If possible, use the word that addresses some keywords in the page title like - Learn, Guide,

2.  Use the keyword related to the post in the URL or Permalink Structure as well. Do not use Utpalang Permalink structure. 

Try to use short and only keyword-driven permalink structure. 

Do not use stop words in Permalink: like - in (in), then, is, etc. Before publishing any post, preview it once and check that the page URL is exactly what you have created or not.

For example, this is a good URL or permalink structure: 

3. Meta description tags  Meta description tags Any other "web page header" has a snippet of HTML code ( part or piece of a particular part of the article ). Better summaries about that page, the work of which is done.

For example: When we search something on a search engine (like Google), a page appears openly, which appears to look like links to many articles. As shown in the following photo a link is visible. You may be able to see that a small piece of small article is showing in the green box which has a special keyword
like - film, movie, cinema. The page titles that are meaningfully interpreted. Which is very beneficial for SEO.

Then use the keyword in the meta description so that SEO can be better for the better "Search Engine Results Pages (SERP)". Meta descriptions are better than 120 characters and less than 160 characters, that means the length of the meta description is between 120 and 160 characters.

4. Use the related picture in your article, so be sure to apply the article related to the article in an article, it becomes easy for readers to explain that article. From which readers do not feel bored. You can also use video, graph, etc. along with the picture. Because of all this, readers give more time to your website, which is very good according to the search engine's algorithm.

5. Heading Tags (H1, H2, H3, .. H6)  play an important role in on-page SEO. When writing articles, make sure to use keywords in these tags.

Keep in mind that the keywords are different in every tag. That is, collect some of the most relevant keywords related to the article, then write these keywords as a note in the decreasing order. Finally, use all those keywords to rotate in H1, H2, H3, H6.

 Wordpress, like most CMS (content management systems), automatically creates the H1 tags of the article's page title. The heading tags with the most attention, however, are H1, H2, and H3 only.

6. Write Niche Content, the article must be completely consistent with your page title. When writing a classy article, it is very important to use the keywords correctly. When a reader starts reading your article, he tries to find the same thing in the article that you wrote in the page title. Because the reader has come to your website reading the same page title.

So the real thing is that if the article does not get hundred percent from the page title then the reader will leave immediately to read another article. Which is not exactly right according to the search engine rules. From this point of view the search engine will guess that this page has some zigzal, due to this, instead of reading the reader, leaving the page immediately and going back. As a result, your website's page ranking will fall.

Making an article better means being a true believer in both the search engine and the reader's eye. So the point of the issue is that the article has been written so that every reader can spend more time on your page. As a result, the search engine will increase your website's page ranking.

Note: Use at least 300 words in each article. Well, Google thinks the better the article will be as good as it is, but this does not mean that you write anything.

7. Keyword Density,  use only your specific keywords in the initial 100 words of the article. Keep in mind that the keywords do not repeat frequently, but rather make the right keywords form the correct sentence
. L. s. Make sure the Spraying LSI Keyword is done, which makes it easier for the search engine to understand the subject of your article. So when a reader searches for something related to those keywords, the search engine tries very hard to keep your article on the first page.

Most importantly, use keywords only up to 1 to 1.5% .

8. Internal Linking,  while writing the article, try to write sentences and words that are related to the second article on your website. And then add those sentences or words to your other related "article URL link". To understand the best example of internal links, be sure to check out any Wikipedia articles. Please add at least 2 internal links to each article.

9. Add external linking  , according to the search engine algorithm, adding an article or page to an external website in an article makes it easy for the search engine to accurately predict what your article is about. As a result, when a search engine searches anything related to your article, then the search engine tries to bring your page to the top of the search result. From which he gets very good rankings in the article "Search Results Page". 

Consequently, the ranking of your website increases.
Keep in mind: Do not add too much external links  .

10. Website Speed & Performance, According to Google, any website's ranking  also relies heavily on the speed and functionality of its website . This means that if the speed of a website means "page loading time" is slow, most readers leave that page and go to another website page. And do not come back to your website again.

According to some survey, it has been found that 70% of online passports do not go back to the website that the speed of the website is more than 4 seconds .

So to correct the speed of your website without delay, you need a better theme, fast hosting service, CDN. (CDN) and image optimizer should be started.

11. Image Optimization,  when you insert a picture in one of your articles, then enter the title of the title in the Title Name of the picture and enter the keyword related to the text in the text. E.g. (Title: On page SEO technology or On-Page seo technique) and (alt text: image optimization or image optimization).

Whenever you insert a picture in the article, then be sure to note that the size of that image (size in kb.) Is very less. Right below I have given the names and links to some WordPress plugins. Through which you can make the size of the image used in your article i.e. too small, the quality of resolution is reduced.

Some of the best wordpress optimization plugins links:  EWWW Image Optimizer , Shortpixel Image Optimizer ,  Imagify Image Optimizer ,  Optimus - WordPress Image Optimizer,  etc.

12. Build Responsive Website, a responsive website means, if you are viewing and reading an article on your laptop or desktop computer, in the same way, you can see and read in mobile and tablet, Then the website on which the article is located is a Responsive Website.

In 2015, Google had penalized the ranking of all the websites that were mobile-friendly, which was not mobile friendly. It can be a shila shila still ... Let's assume for a while that there is nothing like this in today's time, but what about tomorrow? If the 2015 event comes like a hurricane again? The rankings created by your 

a website can come down in a moment. And the rest, you know how hard work has to be done to improve the rankings.

For this, make the website structure such that the theme of the website is such that it is mobile friendly.

Off page Seo Technology (Off-Page seo technique)

Off page Seo, The job of technology is to improve the ranking of a website. This technique is used to go outside of the website (outside of the website). Right below I have made some special point points (points) by off-page SEO. The technology is explained, which is the best and affordable off-page SEO. There are techniques.

1. Connect with social networking sites 

(social networking sites ),  social networking sites are the best places to market and promote related to any work. Who does not belong to social sites today (except those who do not run the Internet).

If you join social sites and share publicly with your website article with everyone, then think about how much "back links" will be. At the same time if someone liked that article and he publicly shared that article in all his Friends list, then think again and all the back links were ready. Similarly, the shillisha will continue till it will benefit the people from that article.

That is, one thing is clear: more people will have articles, more people will read it and more people will read it, then your website's ranking will increase.
One more thing to note and try to promptly respond to all the important comments and messages in your social page. This keeps readers interested in you and with the article.

The names of the most widely used social sites 

are: , , and more.

2. Connect video sharing sites,  make sure to create a video in every single activity happening on your website (such as writing articles, reviewing, etc.). Then create a profile channel on video sharing sites and insert that video and publicly share it. Through this, your video will be promoted through every video and back links will also increase, so that the search engine will easily find your website.

More prominent video sharing , ,  etc.

3. Connect with photo sharing sites (Connect with Image Sharing Sites), place  the related photo files of any post on your website, on photos sharing sites. Be sure to note a few things before sharing photos. like :

 Better quality of photo
The url of the photo file is appropriate
Photo title is right
The title tag of the photo file is appropriate according to "post or article"
And write a better description
Some more prominent photo-sharing 

4. Connect with the article sharing sites, create  a niche for your article or website in a pdf or ppt, and then these articles on document sharing sites. Dal (do submit).
Sites that share some of the most famous articles: , , , , etc.

5. Connect with social bookmarking sites, connect with  social bookmarking sites, web pages, articles of any website or any service you give through your website, publicly search and view it publicly. Can.

If you list your website in bookmarking sites, then the chance of getting organic
traffic on your site increases very much. Most search engines (especially Google) keep a listed bookmarked site in search results from any of the bookmarking sites. So if you are new to it then it can be a matter of great benefit for you.
Some of the most popular social bookmarking 

sites: , , ,  etc.

6. Join blog directory submission sites (With link Directory Submission Sites), Blog Directory submission allows you to visit your website online very soon, so that better traffic will start coming to your website.

So quickly select a top-ranking blog directory and send it to the blog directory submission sites. Carefully note the category and sub category.
If good results have been for some time, do not worry at all! Because when the results start to come, then it will benefit from the long term.

Some more prominent blog directory submission sites: , , , ,  etc.

7. Submit your article to "Article Submission Directory Sites" (Article Submission Directory Sites),  Article Submission is usually an off-page seo process, in which you write a great article about your website or on the article submission directory sites Have to pour. This increases the confidence of every website you visit to your website. As well as back links will increase !!
Some more prominent article directory submission 

sites: , , ,  etc.

8. Participate in Search Forum Sites (Share in Search Forum Sites), on thesearch forum sites, many people come to get better feedback about their queries. If you give the answers to these forum (forum thread), better suggestions or guidance through your website, then this can be your advantage.

You will become a better specialist (EXPERT) in terms of satisfactory answers, suggestions, guidance from people coming to the forum. Be sure to use do-follow while giving suggestions, suggestions and guidance. So that people can visit your website.

Some of the most popular search forum sites: , ,  etc.

9. Join Line Pictures or Diagrams (join Infographics Submission Sites),  Infographics means - Understand the big deal in less words through a line diagram or chart. I love line painting!
However, nowadays there is a lot of use of Infographics in the Internet world. Create a creative or creative CREATIVE line or diagram related to your article or website and send it to line drawings or diagram sites.

Make sure to link your website or article before sending it. This will increase backlinks, increase traffic on your page and also increase ranking. Simultaneously, the reader will be able to click on that link to get more information related to that line picture.

Some more prominent line drawings or diagram sites: , , , , etc.

10.  Add your website to the search engine (submit your website to Search Engines),  some experts believe this technique is outdated. Because today's major search engine companies like Google automatically register every website. Now whether this is the truth or not, I do not know.

But one thing I must say is, if there is an option to connect a website to a search engine even today, then some of it will definitely benefit. Whatever the reason, you must add your website to the search engine, because 100 percent of the search engine gets news about your website.

Some of the most popular search engine sites: , yahoo.cometc.

11. Join question-answer sites (join Question & Answer Sites), question-finding sites is a great off-page SEO. It is very easy. Just log in to the question- and -answer sites  and give you the best answers to the queries that are related to your website.

Attention: Make sure to link your website when replying, so that your readers with your answers can go to your website.
Some more well-known question-answer 

sites: , ,  etc.

12. Send your website to local listing sites (Submit Your Site to Local Listing Sites),  if your website is in connection with the local business area, then you must definitely link your website to the local listings website.
Some Local Listing sites: google local , yahoo local etc.

13. If you are an e-commerce site,  it is very important to get the promotion (promotion) from your website to Online Shopping Networks Sites , so that more and more people can know about your products.

For this, you must definitely join the online shopping networks site. But if you do not want to spend money for promotion in the initial time, then definitely join the top-rated online shopping networks site.
Some Free Online Shopping Networks Site Sites: Google Product Search, MSN Online Shopping, Yahoo Online Shopping etc.

SEO Some Important Points Before Applying SEO Techniques Before Using Technology

While using both of these techniques, we will just have to pay a little attention to the "Black Hat SEO" department.

And there are some things that are very important to know. The proper use of seo without them can also prove to be useless. The following are important points that are the first to pay attention -
Always check from time to time that your website does not have html and css errors.
There are no broken links in any of your posts.

Your website server must be working correctly.

Do not misuse the redirect links altogether.
robot.txt, x-robots tag (robot instructions).
Do not use more external links.
Do not misuse Google Page Rank Distribution.

Always keep your browser's cache data clean. (If you are a blogger then you should do it)

So just for boys today, you must make me a reminder and tell me that you have found the knowledge
of today to be so right and wrong in every sense.

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