What is SEO and how to do SEO: Step-by-Step Guide

Do not have Oraganic Traffic on your website?

if yes. so

I have also faced this problem 1 year ago. Because then I did not know  what SEO is? If you do not know even  how to do SEO and SEO  K So Definitely you're  new to the field of Web development . But, Do not Worry  ๐Ÿ˜”, because today I will tell you  what SEO is and how to bring organic traffic to your website.

Before knowing about SEO, it is important to know why SEO is used. Because, unless you have no knowledge about anything. So, you will not enjoy learning about it.  ๐Ÿ˜•


 Guess , how many blog posts will be published every day?

No Idea?

Well, only WordPress users only publish daily 2.5 Million Blog Posts. But, this matrix is just for WordPress users. If all the blogs count to Posts, then a bigger number will be created.
Now getting Traffic to all these posts, and ranking it in Google Front is Impossible. Now SEO on the same thing comes in handy. With the help of SEO, we rank our Blog Post in Google First and fill it with Traffic.
Traffic: Number of Visitors who visit your website, we call those visitors who are Traffic. 

What is SEO?

SEO Full Form and Meaning » Search Engine Optimization


     As you are seeing , the search engine word is coming in the full form of SEO and with the coming word of optimization I know what this search engine is like.
  Search Engine is such a website. Which is the content of the internet above. It does this on top of your pages and tries to provide the best content to its users.  At this time, the most popular Search Engine is Google, Google then searches engine like Bing and Yahoo.
  Search Engine Optimization by means of its Website, according to Search Engines Optimize to which he rank on Higher Pages of Search engine.
You can say that SEO is an online marketing technique, which helps our website, to rank above any specific keywords.
Keyword : Whenever a user searches for his queries, which enters the Words Search engine, we call those words as keywords.
  Now you're wondering what the Optimizations are, so that we can rank our content on Google's first page. I would like to tell you that every single search engine has its own algorithm. According to which the website decides the ranking.
    Search Engine's Algorithms, only the developers of Search Engine know only. It never publishes your Algorithms publicly. But still some SEO experts have found some factors.
    I would like to tell you that wheneverever developers of Search Engines think that their algorithm is getting leak, they change their Algorithm. But there are still some Racking Factors, which have never been changed and search engineers have been told about them publicly.

ON Page VS OFF Page

Friends SEO is Divide into 2 Main Parts
  1. ON Page SEO
  2. OFF Page SEO
As you read that SEO is the 2nd part, ON Page and off page SEO About whom we are going to talk in the post further.

What is ON SEO?

When building a website, the technologies we use to optimize the content of our website. Those technologies we call ON-Page SEO Such as Adding Proper Heading, Creating and Submitting XML Sitemap, Fixing errors etc.
The value of ON-Page SEO in today's SEO affords is very high. You can say that up to 80% depends on SEO ON-PAGE SEO only.

How To On Page SEO?

ON Page SEO Techniques

1. Website Speed
Website Speed On Page is a huge Factor of SEO, because it is a kind of first impression for your website users and search engines. It must be said that "First Impression is the Last Impression"
Google has also confirmed the page speed as a Ranking Factor on its webmaster central blog . You have to pay a lot of attention on the speed of your site. You can check your Site Speed over GTmetrix.com .
You have to first work on the speed of your website. Because Google can also penalize websites on slow slow websites. You can fasten your website speed by following the steps given below.
  • Compress images.
  • Use CDN.
  • Buy Good Hosting
  • Compress HTML, CSS, Java scripts.
  • Enable caching of the website etc.
2. Meta Title Tag
Optimizing your website's Meta Title is also part of SEO. You have to type the Meta Title of your blog, whoever read the title, immediately click on it. You have to use your main keyword in your Meta Title.
To optimize Meta Title well, follow these tips.
    • If you put your keyword in the beginning of the title. Statement By Yoast
    • Write your Title to 56 Characters.
    • Use these words in your title tag.
  • the current year like “2018”
  • best
  • guide
  • checklist
  • review
This type of word makes the title more clickable and it also increases the chances of being rank on new keywords.
3. Bounce Rate- (Boost Rankings very Fastly)  
The lower the Bounce Rate, the better it is. There will be very few sites in the world whose Bounce rate will be 10% lower.
I would like to tell you that the Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to your website, who simply visit the same page on your website and close your website.
Bounce rate เค•ा Formula- Bounce rate = Total Number of Visits viewing one page only / Total number of visits
But you do not have to remember this formula, it's just to convince you. In Google Analytics, you can see your Bounce Rate.
Bounce rate has also been considered an SEO Factor, as I have already mentioned to you that the purpose of Search Engines is to provide the best content to the users.
It is very important to reduce the Bounce Rate, so I would like to give you some tips to reduce your Bounce Rate.
  1. Increase Site Speed
  2. Provide Quality Content
  3. Attractive Design
  4. Proper Internal Linking

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4. Use of Google AMP (Really Helpful)
If you do not know what happens to AMP (accelerated mobile pages), then I want to give you a short information. AMP is a project from Google.
The purpose of which is to open mobile pages as soon as possible, as one research has found that more than 40% of websites are slow loading in mobile pages.
It is very easy to identify the AMP Page, which is called the light ⚡ sign in front of the pages , those pages are called AMP Pages.
Ever since no search engine has taken the AMP into SEO Factor, Many experts at it explains SEO Factor. Because the speed of AMP pages is high and AMP is also Mobile Friendly on the second number. Which   has become very important after the arrival of Mobile First Index Update.
5. User Experience (Most Important)
UX (User Experience) is the most important ranking factor. Even Google's Rank Brain algorithm works only on top of User Signals. You can follow the tips below to increase your UX.
  • Quality Content (Most Important)
  • Good Site Speed
  • Best Design
  • Reduce Bounce rate

Now you know what is ON-Page SEO, you still need to know what you should not do in ON-Page SEO.

What is OFF page SEO?

When building a website, the technologies we use to promote the content of our website. Those Techniques are called OFF-Page SEO. Such as Directory Submission, Guest Post, social sharing etc.

Note: I would like to tell you that if you have not done your ON-Page SEO correctly, then you can OFF-Page SEO. 

There are many more Ranking Factors except those given above, which you can read about here.


At Last, I would like to say that SEO is not a 2-day game. To teach this, it is also important to practice it. SEO is a kind of Learn and Implement work.

Friends, this article from today was the same. If you have learned from this article what SEO is and how SEO does, then share this article with your friends.