Why Start Blogging ? How To Make money On Blogging !

What is a Blogging ?  too many information has been shared with Blogging . So far, many posts have been published in the blogging technical terms. Whenever you start something, you must first understand the word " Why" . If you understand why, then the story will be understood very easily. Today the Post we will learn what blogging ( What Is Blogging ?
Why start Blogging

and blogging should why . Blogging is also an art, just like Dancing, Singing is an art. If you want to make positive changes, start blogging today. In the next post we will learn how to start blogging.

What is A Blogging ?

Have you ever read a diary in childhood? Some people will say yes, they will not say anything. School diaries are also not written in the summer vacation, then the diary will be written for the home work. Any copy has something written in it. Shayari is written on any page of copy? Many times we have written something.

 There are some people who write a whole age diary. There will hardly be anyone who does not have a diary. Have anybody ever been in love with someone for writing in a copy or in a message? But whatever written is written for itself, it is written personally. Some people write Personal Please Do not Touch on the diary . Writing something is blogging only.

What is Blogging ? How can made Pro Blog ?

The meaning of blogging is webdiary. What you have written in the diary is to write it online (online). Perhaps blogging means (Blogging Meaning Weblog)would have come to understand. Bloggers are called bloggers. Writing blogs and diaries is just one and the only difference. Diary can be personal (personal). But, the blog is written for (public). Desire of all bloggers is more and more people read their blog. 

What's strange is that the diary wants to read his diary no more. But, bloggers just live and sleep with only one dream and sleeps "More and more people read their blog, comment more and more. Blogging is the only way to update blogs (Online Diary). It is understandable that blogging is meant to be written (Blogging meaning Writing).

What does success mean in blogging?
Now the question arises, what is to write? This is a very important question. What is the personal diary? What is the purpose of writing? Shayari, song or some other thing about the mind This is exactly what happens in blogging. Write about any topic you are interested in, whose knowledge is there.

 By which you will collect more information in your field and explain your readers more effectivelyBlogging lets you share your experience with others. Like a writer writes a book and shares his experience in it. By the way blogger writes weblog (blog) instead of book.
How to make blog

The writer's work is to write a book, that means he earns money by writing a book. Do you know how the author earns After writing the author's book, he has typing and proofreading. When the final is done, the total page is counted,

 but according to the page, the author is given the money. But some writers take royalties but not the money of the page, unless the book sells them, the writer will take a few percent. In the beginning, when the author does not know anyone, then he writes a book for a publication house. But when he becomes famous, he writes for himself on royalty. When hungry is felt, one should eat food that someone will stay for a few days, the hotel will give you. The hungry hotel needs no food.

But there are some people who live without water for a few days but they are hungry for many days and one day enjoys the hotel. Blogging is also something similar. In the beginning, blogger has to give it in blogging without any greed he has at any time. A few days later when some good quality posts are posted in the blog then the reader gets increased and your blog is turned into a business model. Today blogging has emerged as a career. 

There are many bloggers who are making millions, so do not even make $ 10 a month for many addresses. This is the best way to earn money by working from home. Blogging can also create your own identity in the virtual world.

Blog is a keyword ?

There should be no complete information about any topic, there should be complete information about him. There is a Subscribe Box on the side of the blog and on the other side along with some other information in the sidebar. This gives readers the information of the new blog post in their email. 

The blog is run by a blogger (Admin / Owner) or team, whose job is to update the new information in the blog daily. Although thousands of blogs are being created everyday, some blogs are also updated once a year. All the news sites are a blog. Guruji Tips is also a blogging site.

Blog means Online Diary Ask someone who writes a diary, it will have a routine to write a diary. Daily, Weekly, Monthly But most of these people will be Daily. Which diary writes daily. The blog is also written
every day, set a schedule for when will your post be publicized? When you write a good quality post, a good way to explain, the reader will also get more.

Why Create A Blog ?

This very important question is always trying our best, why the word has been given much attention. If it is clear before doing any work, it is very easy to move forward or not. Hopefully we will be able to explain to you why. Why does not it mean just to benefit from all its points? Everybody is blogging today but he does not know. You can say I'm not blogging, you use Facebook, Twitter, Whats app, write something there, post something, upload something, blogging it is.

Before buying something a few years ago someone asked someone if he would buy it or not go to the market. But now it is not what we need, mobile is the market. With the arrival of the Internet, there have been many changes in common life. There is a revolution in the Internet world right now. In India, internet is being used as equal to America

Now we can check online product reviews before buying anything. This means someone is buying a product and puts it on the review website. This means that the review is doing blogging. If you also have something to share then you can also do blogging.

Everyone has certain positive ideas and Internet is a medium with which to help them share their ideas with the world. But some of you will say why we share your Ideas, Experience or Lifestyle? But I have a strong belief that you share your Ideas, 

Experience or Lifestyle on Internet through Social Media. I mean to say that you also do blogging but your method is different. One question and what does Social Media give you money to share your experience? Only because of the 

shareholders like us and only Facebook earns 25 crores a day. But if you create your blog and share it with your Ideas, Experience or Lifestyle, then you can do some Earning too . Some people from blogging are earning millions in some crores.
Some people are not successful in blogging, money is the biggest reason behind this. Someone started blogging today, money should be taken from tomorrow, for a few days the blogger waits but at a time when he can not wait and leaves blogging. There should be patience to earn money from blogging. Blogging is not for you if you do not have patience. A child starts reading from the age of 4 years. But after 15 to 20 years it starts earning or even longer. 

Does that child's father tell him you have studied 10 years and now start earning. Another example is that any farmer, wheat, maize, paddy, or any such crop that is ready for 4 months means that it is a result of 4 months to get its result. But there are some farmers who find mango, litchi, jackfruit, lemon and jamun's garden. 

It gives fruit only once a year. But like wheat and maize it does not have much time left in it. When the tree grows up, it only earns it, neither does it have to spend much time nor spend much money in its care. But in the beginning there is a need to take care of it until a small tree becomes a tree, it has to be given time. Blogging is the same. In the beginning, it will have to spend a lot of time, take good care of it when the blog becomes famous, then this blog will earn money for you.

(Benefits of Blogging)

There is no harm to any good work. If you share your experience with other people, then your information gets better and others get to learn a lot. Apart from this, there are some benefits that are given below.

Blogging is the best way to earn money online.

You can make your own identity in the virtual world.
Blogging keeps on learning something new everyday from day to day.
Blogging lets you learn how to write. Your way of explaining is very great.
There is no need for technical information for blogging.

I am not obliging you to blogging. It depends entirely on you, what do you want some people who do not want to share their knowledge or share their information with others. But if you want to do it is a good thing for both you and your readers. Whether there should be blogging or not there are some questions that often ask a new blogger.

Should i blogging?

Answer: Yes, if you have a good knowledge of a subject and you want to reach this information to many people then you should do blogging. Here your knowledge and skills, power, knowledge all increase. If you want to be a master of a field then start blogging in that field. But you should be interested in that field.

Can blogging reduce money?

Yes blogging can reduce money. Today there are many bloggers who are earning millions of rupees a month. So there are some who are not less at all. Whatever happens, it also earns. Does not mean that we are working all day long but there is no goal. Make a goal and start work to achieve that goal.

This can make you a good writer, thinker and businessman. But in the beginning you have to create a blog. Note that creating a blog means registering the domain and installing WordPress and publishing two-four posts. Creating a blog means a blog that should have at least one million page views per day.

Which topic should blogging?
You are free to do this. Whatever interest you have in the topic. Start blogging on the same topic as you would like to learn more and more.

Blogging should start with Single or Multi Niche!

Yes, blogging can be done with the job. But, he has to work with time. If you want to be blogging with success and succeed in it, then take the time in the way you are in the job. To say means you do the job without any excuse. There will be a focus for success. Definition of Focus:Behind it until it is not successful There is only one purpose behind doing any work and there is a lot of excuses for not doing it.

There are several websites where you can create free blogs There is no technical information needed for this. There should be knowledge of any topic for blogging, or there is a desire to know more about any topic. Blogging is a passion. Unless obscene, do not step in blogging.

Blogspot.Com: This is Google's free blogging platform. Here you can create a blog in 10 minutes. It is famous not only in India but in the whole world. It is very easy to use. There is no better platform for free blog than this. Because blogging requires advertising on the blog to earn, and here it is easy to get code for Google Adsense.

 How to create free blog in Blogspot?

WordPress: The second most popular blogging platform is WordPress. But people have some confections. There is a difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org. We will know this in the next post. wordpress.org is self hosted wordpress blog. While Wordpress.com is a service of Automattic, WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System). It is very simple to use. This was first released on 27 May 2003 by its founder Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. 

Wix.Com: This is also the free blogging platform. You can create your own blog by signing up with an email id here. This is also like WordPress.com In addition to this, Weebly.Com, and Webs.Com too.

I hope  You Must Understand If there is still any problem in understanding blogs, bloggers and blogging, then please comment in the Comment Box. Free blogging platform for amateur people is much better. Self-hosted WordPress Blog has to spend money. There is a Domain Name Register in this. Blogs have to buy hosting. Together they cost at least 5000 (Five Thousand).

What is Blogging Conclusion.

Blogs, Blogging
and Blogger are all interlinked with each other. what is a blog This is an online diary where something is written. Blog is blogging. There are many things involved in this. Which we have been told above and also in the previous post. Blogger Kya Hai is the blogger who is called blogger. Blogging is the best way to earn money online. But, now it is not easy. Competition too much has happened here too. But if done in the right way then success is not far away.