Virtual currency is a type of virtual currency.

 Meaning it shows but you can not touch it. Its existence is only visible in the visual form. It can only be done online (online) online.

High rating virtual currency ! Exchange money ?
What is virtual currency ? What is money exchange full Explained steregies !Virtual currency is a type of digital currency !

Virtual Currency - What is Virtual Currency 

Simply put, you can not get it like a note. It is called by many names, it can also be called the future currency. It ( Digital Currency )  virtual currency, and (CryptoCurrency ) crypto currency is called | Because cryptography cryptography is used in its use and payment. 
It was launched / invented in 2009. The world's first CryptoCurrency  "Bitcoin" ( Bitcoin ) This invention Shatoshi Nakamoto Had done The crypto currency can be easily transferred to any country. 

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It works on the Internet. Like we email to anyone, bitcoin works as well, all its work is done on the internet. It can be converted into any currency such as: - Rupiah, Dollar, Euro, Yen Yan etc. For this reason, its value increased 4.5 lakh times in 8 years.

What is virtual currency ?

When BitCoin was launched in 2009, the price of a BitCoin was 0.37 paise, which increased to 1.62 lakh in May 2017. Currently, the price of a BitCoin is 5.86 lakh. In this, the process of collecting money is called mining. The complete operation of this is done by
cryptography. Cryptography is a type of (encoded) encoding. In this, any message or information is written as a code . Like the ( ShortHand ) in Sorthend language O | By which only send it to be able to understand or get acquainted. 

It's a kind of ( Decentralized Currency) Decentralized currency. On which there is no control or authority of any government or institution. In addition to BitCoin, there are several types of Virtual Currency figures in the world whose names are as follows: - 

BitCoin , 2. Ethereum
3. Light Coin (LiteCoin), 
4. DogeCoin, 
5. FairCoin, 
6. Dash
7. Peer coin, 
8. Ripple, 
9. Moreno
10. SwiftCoin ), e.t.c. 

List of even more cows: List of List of cryptocurrencies
These are examples of other virtual currency that are available in the world. Which are used in many countries for trading transactions. At present, its use is limited to developed countries. Some big and specialized lending institutions use it. It is not a credible currency due to the right and control of any government or institution on this. Most of it is used in unseasonable tasks. Therefore, it is banned in almost 70 countries of the world, India is also one of them. 

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