How to Write SEO Friendly post Title for more website traffic- 

Hello Friend's In today's article, we are going to tell you about a very important part of SEO that is named "how to make SEO friendly title ". Because if you want to rank your blog post on the search engine, first of all, you have to do Focus on your post title, so let's understand this topic well in detail.

How To Write Seo Friendly Title
How to create seo optitimize title

Friends, as you all know, when you want to publish an article about a topic on your blog, you have to give a title first. Now let's first understand why this title is important to you. Whenever a User / Reader wants to search about a topic on the Internet, then it searches only on some limited words on the Internet and Search Engine shows the results according to its keywords.

In which it is not absolutely necessary that the reader should open the article showing only the top because it opens the Normal articles which it feels okay and it understands that it can get the right information on this article.

For example: Suppose you do a search on the internet How to Create a Blog. In this condition, the Search Engine which shows you the first page will contain Top 10 articles in which the first article is titled "How to Create a Free Blog on Blogger " and another Number of Article of Title is a" how to Create Blog on Blogger Step by Step " and the third Article of Title " how to Create a Free Blog Compete Guide with Screen Shots " to Click on you what Article Would you like
Anyone according to us will click on Reader First and Third only because he has two Reasons-

Both are telling about creating a Blog in Article Free.
Click on the third article will do it because it is available with Information Screen Shots so that it can easily understand.

As you did not think of clicking on the Second Number article, the reader did not even think of it because there were some things not clear in it. First, it was not free. Secondly when someone gets information with Screen Shots, then it will go on Step by Step It is not necessary for you to rank your article, but to make it so that people click on it.

Now you will have a question of how to do this because this Rule does not apply to all the Topics, then we give you 7 tips that you can not only make your article SEO Friendly but also the maximum number of Clicks on that Article. You will find

7 Tips How To Write Seo Friendly Article

How To Write Seo Friendly Article If you want to write an article before writing, you should find the Best Keyword for that topic because if you do not choose a right keyword then you do not get good traffic either.

Now if you do not know how to find keywords, you must read what is keyword  Find article so that you can understand keywords well. Now let's talk about SEO Optimized Title, we start with the most important things-

01- Place your Targeted Keyword Before in the Title
The best way to make Blog Title as SEO Friendly is to place your Main Keyword (Targeted Keyword) at the beginning of the article, because doing so, Search Bots quickly recognize your Target Keyword and your article at Top in Search Results. Let's show.

Normally this is not possible in many topics, so whenever you get an opportunity to write your Targeted Keyword in the beginning, please do so because it is the BEST of SEO's Point of View.

02-Use Number
You can also do the starting numbers of your Title, which is better than both Point of View of SEO and Reader. Let us explain in detail

SEO: Search Engine likes to show those articles on First Page, which has more and clear information, so when you write a number on the title, then according to Bots, there are so many things in your article. That would be better for readers.

Note: Now in this condition it is not enough that you write about 10 tips and there are only 1-2 lines in the tips because Bots also detect the length of your article. 

User: When you use Numbers, Readers can easily understand how much information they can get on that article.

For example You are reading this article because you already know according to our title that you will get Total 7 Tips within this article so that you can improve your title. 

You can also take advantage of the same thing, so before you write an article/blog post, Collect Compete Information about that topic and write an SEO Optimized Article.

03: Use Symbols in your Title
You can also use symbols to make your title unique and stylish because symbols help you very much in presenting
anything in a different way.

With this, when you are implementing Symbols in your Title, Search Bots can easily recognize your keywords and show your article on the First Page.
Likewise, Reader can also understand your article properly because Symbols make things that you implement different and easy.

For example: If you look at the title of this article, we have used the following (:) symbols after 7 tips and after that we have written our keywords (How To Write Seo Friendly Title ) and thirdly we understand the specification To write Seo Words is used. 

Anyone can understand this title very easily about what this article is about and how much information it can get in this article.
In this way, you can make your article more attractive and clickable by simply using the symbol.

What, when, how, why, etc. are the questionable words that you can use in your article title easily. Now, do you know what is the benefit of writing these types of words?

Answer: Whenever a user wants to know about Topic on the Internet, he or she will be able to find the right word in the keyword so that he can get the right result quickly, by writing Questionable Words in his title Your article can also be brought up in Search Results and at the same time, more and more Clicks can be taken as well.

For example: Now, if you want to know about "How To Write Seo Friendly Title " then you will definitely want to search for articles of Word, because then you can get the right results. 

In order to understand Practically, if you look at our title, then we have used the word "How" after " How To Write Seo Friendly post title ", so that in our article results show you, and so on, Visit on Similarly, in your article, you can write Questionable Words and get your article up to the right audience, and you can get as many clicks as possible.

A Title can only be SEO Optimized and Clickablewhen it is completely clean because assuming you want to write about a topic, but in what article you are giving information about the subject or your Title is just full of Keyword, then Reader never understands why he should visit your article.

That is to say that you should always try to write all the necessary words in your title which can explain your topic well.

For Example: Let us again take our same article as an example, let us assume the goal of our article is "Blog Post SEO Optimized Title" and if we just wrote so many words in my title, would you Visit our article, no. 

Why? Because you know that Article is based on Topic, but it would be a little difficult to understand that we are finally going to tell you in this article which has been shortened by "How to write" Words.

Conclusion: Your title should be that Reader should read only once that title, understand your complete article about what it is going to get in that article, how much information is available, and why click on that article needed. 

Now we talk about Unique Words which is very important for a Beginner Blogger. Now, do you know why unique words are important for a beginner?

Not really, because most beginners never understand this thing and are always upset due to Low Traffic, so let us tell you a little with Explanation and Examples.

Importance of Unique Words and Regular Words

Before you use Unique Words and Regular Words, why Use and Importance is a Beginner:
Suppose you are a beginner and you have a blog related to health (health is just an example) and you want to put an article on that blog "How to lose weight" Now here you see Loose Weight It is a very common word due to which if you search the keyword on the internet then you will find millions of articles, in such a way, if you also write Article on this keyword, then it is important that neither your article rank nor You will get Traffic.

Now if we add some unique words with the same keyword, then let's think of Practically, we now keep our titles "30 days of weight loss methods" or "using these 7 methods to lose 2 kg weight.

Because we add weight to this article as well as some different unique words which will get very little on the internet and our Target Keyword "Weight Loss" has changed slightly. Now you may have easily understood that only your Target Keyword How much change did your head change if you changed it with Unique Word and if someone would read this title, then he would also click on it.

In the same way, you just have to understand how you can improve your title, which will also give you a keyword and it is also a little too unique so that you rank your article quickly and get maximum clicks.

Interesting Words Just like reading, there is a good feeling that there are some interesting ones here. You can take advantage of this thing in the title of your article. First of all, you have to understand that what is the word that can make your title a bit interesting because there are millions of knowledge and information on the internet but there are few things which you feel are interesting so you can take advantage of this thing And just by writing some interesting words in your title, you can take a lot of Clicks.

First of all, we tell you about some interesting words and then tell you better with an example that you can understand clearly.

Interesting Words: OMG !, Excellent, Awesome, Tips, Guide, Information, Secret, Clear, Beginner, Top, Best etc. So you can take a lot of words. 

Example: Now we assume that you want to write an article "30 days of weight loss methods" and similar to this title you just "OMG! Adding Word to 30 Days of Weight Loss "or" Best Way to Lose Weight in 30 Days "or Tips, how much your title has become as Attractive. 

Likewise, you can do this mostly with Topics and by adding just one Interesting Word you can get as many Clicks as possible on your article

In this way, you can use these 7 methods to create your own Blog Title as an SEO Optimized Title, as well as take as many clicks as possible on that title. Hopefully, after reading this article you can understand how you can improve your blog's ranking by writing a Perfect Title for your blog as well as getting as many Clicks as well.

Now if you have any more questions related to this topic or Confusion, then please tell us in the Comment Box Thank you for giving us your valuable time and to read similar articles, please visit our website Regular, because we Keep coming up with such interesting and informative articles. " How To write Blog Post SEO Optimized Title"