Dhadak Movie made a big hit in UP, which is being searched very well for downloading the movie HD and 720p.

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The beats Dhadak movie released on 20th July are getting ready to see the entire Uttar Pradesh viewers including Jhansi, Kanpur, Lucknow. Visitors who are going to watch the throbbing movie in Jhansi's cinema house have said that it is very difficult to take a ticket for the bearded movie. Some cinema houses are running the house bridges. Some people will not be able to see this movie today.

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It is being told that those who have seen the first show of the movie have told that the movie is very good. The people of this point of view have not kept the viewers in trouble as to when they will be able to watch the movie. Dhadak Movie has done such a thing in Jhansi that it may be difficult to get a ticket for the next 2 to 3 days. Therefore, people have begun to advance booking to see this movie.

Lucknow city comes Janhavi Kapoor and Ishaan

Dhashk director Shashank Khaitan, in the role of artist Parthvi, Ishaan Khattar in the role of Jhanvi Kapoor and Madhukar came to Lucknow city for the promotion of their upcoming film. The artists of Dhadak film said that Lucknow city was such a way that it was just the voice of Lucknow.

Jhansi-based Rahul Kumar has told that he has a downloading shop, he does movie download. He has told that people are coming to us to take a movie because the cinema house is full, to get this movie at the shop itself, but they are not available to them. The crowd has started taking place at many shops. The rumor has spread on this film that the film has been leaked to the Internet. There are reports from many areas that this movie is being searched on the internet to download HD and 720p.

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It is being told that some people have started searching for Dhadak Movie Full Download HD in their mobile. That's when the cinema is not able to see the movie in the house. So he has started searching for throbbing movie downloads on mobile. Simultaneously, they are searching for download in HD and 720p so they can get a good print. The craze of this movie is increasing among the people in such a way that this movie is being searched very fast to download in HD and 720p.