Redmi 5 Specification, Price & Comparison

Redmi 5 Specification, Price & Comparison

Hello friends, when we think of buying a smartphone, at the same time Xiaomi launches something like that. Which makes our whole attention to that side. Now look at Xiaomi Latest Redmi 5 Smartphone only. The display with the 18: 9 ratio in 7,999 rupees, Fingerprint is getting everything. Here we are going to talk about

  Redmi 5 review.
Redmi 5 Comparison

We will learn about the specification, price and Comparison of the Redmi 5 Phone in detail. 

Just a few days ago, the Redmi Note 5 and Note 5 Pro have been launched and so far only few people have been able to buy it. In every single flash sale, people wait to buy a phone half an hour ago. Still, the phone book is not able to. Mi has now launched another New Phone 2018. It seems that it only launches to show the phone's specification.

Xiaomi Redmi 5 Full Specification & Price:

We can not find a phone or get it but Xiaomi phone launches such that our mind only buys only that phone. Xiaomi Redmi 5 Smartphone is something like this, its Specification and Price have given everyone that just want to buy it. It says Mi Representative

Display: 5.7 Inch 720HD display is given in the phone. In which we have given a feature like Night Mode, Reading Mode and Color temperature adjustment. Which make it a good quality HD display.

Camera: It's a Budget
Smartphone, so we do not have Dual Camera in it. But the 12MP Face Recognition Rear Camera will be found and the 5MP Front Camera will be available. Flash Light will only get us back in back camera.

Memory & Storage: As MI does every time, this time even Mi has launched Redmi 5 in two variants. In addition to 2GB and 16GB & 3GB and 32GB of RAM and Storage, we can increase storage from SD card.

Processor: Phone has an average Qualcomm Snapdragon processor . Which is Snapdragon 450 Series Processor. This processor is with 1.8GHz Clock Speed ​​and Octa Core, so we can assume that its performance is fine.

Battery: Every Redmi 5 Smartphone has a Feature Average and a Budget so it does not have a High Power battery. In this we will get 33,00mAh non-removable battery.

Redmi 5 Price: So in the Smartphone 2 Variant it is decided that its price will be 2. Its basic version i.e. variant with 2GB RAM is Price Rs. 7,999 and the price of Top Version i.e. 3GB Variant is Rs. 8,999.

After looking at the phone's Specification, we did not think that it could be the first of the 2018 Top Smartphone Under 10000 List. No other features are available except the 18: 9 Aspect Ratio Display in this phone.
Xiaomi Redmi 5 Comparison:

If this phone is Comparison with any Mi Phone, then it is Redmi 5A ,
Redmi 5A is also a Budget Phone and if you want to buy any of these two phones, then this Xiaomi Redmi 5 Vs Redmi 5A Comparison can be helpful for you, and you can decide which one is the best for you.

Both phones have storage and RAM at the same time both the Redmi 5 and 5A both get 2GB and 3GB RAM variant. So if you want to buy a phone according to RAM and storage then 5A is best for you.

If you talk about Display, Redmi 5A has 5 inch HD normal display while 5 in 5.7Inch HD 18: 9 display is available. Here is the Redmi 5 in the case of Screen Size,

In case of Battery and Processor also redmi 5 (3300mAh & Snapdragon 450) is forward 5A (3000mAh & Snapdragon 425).
With this we get the Figerprint Lock System in Redmi 5 while we do not get into redmi 5A. But there is a lot of difference between the price of both. Where the redmi 5A 2GB variant is only Rs. Rs 5,999 gets same Redmi 5 2GB Variant Rs. 7,999, and 5A for 3GB Variant Rs. If you get Rs 6,999 then get 5 3GB Variant Rs. 8,999 rupees.

In such a situation, it becomes difficult for us to decide which one buy and which one does not buy because the price of the phone is quite good. According to me, there is no big difference in the specification of both phones, if Display and Fingerprint are omitted. If you have to take a Budget phone then you can buy Redmi 5A and save your 2 thousand rupees.

Xiaomi Redmi 5 Review

After watching the Phone's Specification, Price and Comparison, we have understood this. This phone is not a Perfect under 10000, just fine. In today's time, 2GB of RAM has ended, and when we install all the useful applications in the phone, 

approximately 1.5GB of RAM is full. In this case, we can not buy 2GB Variant at all.
Think about 3GB
Variant once. But like Rs. Rs 8,999 comes to our mind, the idea of ​​Redmi Note 5 comes in our mind.

 Because Redmi Note 5 3GB Variant is worth Rs.9,999. In this, we will get a much better processor (Snapdragon 625), Display (5.99 Full HD) and Battery (4000mAh) which will give a better performance than Redmi 5.
Friends, if someone has to buy a Budget Smartphone in less money. So he does not see the design of the phone because he only thinks about the money,

so if anyone has to buy a phone for Rs. 7000. So, according to me, she would like to buy Redmi 5A and if she wants to buy a phone in 9000 rupees, then she will buy a thousand rupees and take the better Redmi Note 5 from Redmi 5 Smartphone. So, according to me, this phone is not Fit with its price. Share Your Thoughts

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