How to Check Backlink? Free Online Backlink Checker Tools

Are you sure you want to check your blog or website backlink? You are about to make a selection of free backlink checker tools.
With the help of Best free online backlink checker tools , we will now know how to check backlink? 

Backlink is a very important factor to make any blog or website successful. Backlink is a huge contribution behind every successful blog. As the popularity of blogging is increasing, competition in this field is increasing as well. 
Backlinks checker tool
The first low quality backlink proved to be very favored for the blog, but since Google has added a new algorithm, there has been a lot of change in the backlink process and google has stopped giving value to low quality links.

All the links in your blog in today's date should be quality backlinks only if the blog gets a good rank in the search engine. But do all bloggers pay attention to the fact that all backlinks coming from their blog come from the quality website or from any spam site ?? 

Those who are successful bloggers pay attention to this thing, but those who are new bloggers do not pay much attention to the backlink of their blogs, due to which they have to face problems.

What is SEO and why is it necessary for this blog?

What is a CDN and why is it necessary for your Website / Blog?

Here the question arises that how many backlinks are coming from our blog and from where we are coming back to the backlinks on our blog. So let me tell you that many such backlink checker tools on the internet are available in paid and free version. But in this article, I will just give you information about the best free backlink checker tools , which can help you check backlinks that come to your blog.

Why is it necessary for the Backlink Checker Tool Blog?

When a website link leads to another website, we call it backlink. All bloggers understand the importance of backlinks, the more backlinks your blog will get, the higher rank blog in Google's page. But the quality of the backlink more than quantity is the most important. Therefore, while creating a backlink we should keep in mind that we make backlink from the quality website only.

What is Backlink and How to Build Quality Backlink?

There are two types of backlink: do-follow backlink and no-follow backlink When it comes to creating a backlink, we pay attention to the make follow link. This gives us natural traffic. Using the Backlink Checker tool in blog, you can learn about all the backlinks that come to our blog. And backlink coming from low quality site or spam site which can harm our blog, we can also block it.

Best Free Backlink Checker Tools

Here I have given information about the free backlink checker tool, some of which give you results in the tool and some tools show just how many backlinks are coming to your blog. You can use any of these tools in your blog according to the requirements. So let's know about those tools.

Ahrefs Backlink Checker Tool

Ahrefs is a very good backlink checker tools. This tool explains all the backlinks coming to your website, and over time you can see that the backlinks of your site are increasing or decreasing. This is a paid tool but you can create an account in its website by registering it in free. 

Using this tool, you can see the backlinks coming to your competitor's site, from which good site their backlinks are coming from and you will also be able to get backlink from those sites. Do-follow and no follow link will also get you the details of the backlink. Ahrefs updates its database every 15 minutes so that users can provide accurate results.

Check : Ahrefs

You can use this backlinks checker tool for free, which shows the unlimited backlinks of any website, which means that you can check backlink of your website as well as another website. With the help of this tool, you can see both new and old backlinks coming to your site simultaneously. With this tool you can also find links coming from low quality site and can also remove it so that Google can not ban your website by going ahead.

Check : OpenLinkProfiler

BacklinkWatch Checker Tool

BacklinkWatch is a very seamless and muscular tool to check your website's backlinks. This is also a free tool that will tell you the quality backlink details coming to your site and also tells how many visitors are coming to your site every day. The only disadvantage of this tool is that it has lots of pop-up ads that can disturb you.

Check : BacklinkWatch

This tool is used by SEO experts and website owners all over the world. This tool exists in both free and paid versions, you can use it according to the needs of your website. With the help of this tool, you can compare backlinks of two domains and find out the quality backlink coming to your competitor's site. These tools also give you accurate results.

Link diagnosis is a very good tool that gives information about every kind of link such as page link, internal links and external links and duplicate links and low quality links, so that you can easily can remove from the site. In the same output, you show the results of all the links simultaneously, you can export this data and save it in .CSV format. There is also a disadvantage of this tool that you can use this tool only in firefox.

This was the list of best free online backlink checker tools that are trusted and many bloggers are already using it. You can use any of these tools according to the requirement of your blog and check quality backlinks to your site. Hope this article will help you a lot.