Young couple found murdered inside Churchville home

Young couple was founded murdered
in their bucks country home on Tuesday morning, Northamtop Township police say. the victims are in their late or 20second to early 30s.

The couple has been living in the home for about a year they haven't all you have that long it is a just a shame its so "heartbreaking"  one and neighbour  said.
Police do not believe that the
couple was targeted but their home may have been.
There is no risk to our neighbours right now . we have additional cars in the area they will be here all night long as well as additional patrols in our area we very comfortable that our residents will be ok said clark .

Northampton police and bucks country detective are investigating after a young couple were found dead inside their Kitti night drive home on a Tuesday morning.
A painter working outside a home on a kitty  tonight driveNortHampton went inside to use the bathroom Tuesday morning inside on the second floor , he founded the bodies of a young married couple he quickly colled  911.

There was referred found in the house however I am not saying that was a cause of Death at this time clerk said," he confirm there were  shell casings found in the home.  He also said there was no sign of a force entry clerk was unaware of any previous cause for police response to the home in the neighborhood of second state pickup area to Tuesday.

Police found a refer and shell  casings inside the home thought they have not determine whether the refill was used to kill them there was no force entry into the home but never reported hearing suspicious activity Monday night .
police have not responded to the home preciously.

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