Why is shared wordpress hosting best for new blogs ?

The newest blog or internet marketing carrier is the hardest things for every person to start, the process of choosing web hosting for your site. who have already advise you to stay away from free hosting especially because they content manual imitations and issues, and in the end you will face a lot of Technical difficulties.

If you are a new blogger and you have recently started the process of choosing your web hosting service then I would recommended that you choose reliable, reputable and cheap shared hosting.
Shared hosting explain

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There are many web hosting packages available, such as shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated hosting, and for new bloggers, it is always confusing to find out which is the best option.

In this post, I will  specifiacally write about what new blogger should choose which hosting package, and will tell about some top web hosting services for beginners which are cheap and trustworthy.

Which web hosting is best for a beginners blogger/ Webmaster ?
In technical terms, web hosting can be divide into these categories:  shared,VPS, dedicated, a reseller and cloud hosting. you can also classify them as Windows or Linux hosting.

1. Initially traffic to your site is low.

2. share hosting cost is less than dedicated, VPS hosting.

3. Most startup websites can be easily handled by shared hosting .

4. Most beginners bloggers lack money and initially income is less . 

for this reason, generally Rs. 1400 -3000 / month instead of spending Rs. choosing A 400-600 charging hosting service is even better.

If in the future you need more server resources than you have shared hosting, then you can easily upgrade to VPS or dedicated hosting but optimise your side before that. to speed up your side you can optimise your database, remove orphan tables, and remove plugins.

Many people believe that shared hosting affects the search engine ranking, but Matt cutts a Google web  spam engineer has a confirm in a recent video that the hosting environment does not affect the ranking .

But still, you have to choose a reliable hosting service which can give maximum up time to your site.

Which shared hosting Lime For the latest Wordpress Blog?

Honestly, this day most web hosting service offer amazing resources at a lower cost,
But I always just the web hosting service with its a performance and customer support.

When you are dealing with hosting, it is a important for you to have basic knowledge about FTP, ssh in some cases and any other changes you make from C panel. unfortunately, DDOS us attacks and site hacking is very common, and you have to make sure that your server quality is perfectly capable to deal with any such common hacking attempt.

Based on their experience, and according to other experts, and suggesting you some hosting companies, where you can buy hosting package for your new wordpress blog .

I am giving the list according to your recommendation.


The wordpress blog is the most reliable to host and also the recommendations of official wordpress blog. She is a well-known company, and the best things is that she offers free domain name with every hosting package.
Along with this, you can also host multiple wordpress blogs on the same bluehost account.


Hostgator is another top recommended shared hosting . Well known for their technical support.  Their baby hosting plan is my favourite because its lets you host multiple website at cheap prices.
you can also get an additional 25% discount on your total bill by using this discount coupon.

What do you think which service offers the most suitable hosting environment for the new blogger?

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