Why do we celebrate labor day or May Day 

             International Labour Day is a celebration in the owner of laborers
and the working classes it takes place every year on May 1st which also matches with the Celtic spring festival the day is also commonly known around the globe as May Day and is an official public holiday for many countries like People's Republic of China, North Korea, and Russia Google doodle says honouring the day today with a purple coloured Doodles that has little details like rubber close stethoscope safety helmets ,batteries knots , and birds painting rolls, wants virus glasses, to light torches.
Why do we celebrate labor day or May Day

1. The first celebration of the day in India was organized in a Madras by the labor Kisan Party of Hindustan on May 1,1923 this was also the time when The Red flag the dissemble user since it's a Foundation was first used in India

2. Is also market as a Maharashtra day and a Gujarati to mark the date in 19601 the to Western state attained statehood after the west while Bombay state was a divided into linguistic lines.

3. Finance
Minister Arun Jaitley said labor day greeting to every workman on this day has less celebrate contributions and achievements of workers and reiterate their rights. I wish workers the very best and contribution to the economy.

4. Greeting to all the workers and their families on the occasion of the international workers day today. Said Mamata Banerjee on twitter twit.

5. Greeting to all hardworking friends who contributes day in and out to make our Nation and word a better place. (Said Tejasvi Yadav ) former Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar Tejaswi Yadav.
Why do we celebrate labor day or May Day

6. Chief Minister n Chandrababu Naidu said," Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister"  saluting the hard work and dedication of the people who run this country and are the workforce behind the overgrowing economy.

In India, labor day is a public holiday help on everyone 1 May it is a celebrated as Antar Rashtriya Shramik Divas.
Labor day known as" kamgar day" in North India labor day is mostly not given it safe previous importance as a holiday now.

7. Workers day future of workers is a bleak say experts. Labour lawyer Michael background said the proposed law of getting labor ministers to break deadlocks was a groundbreaking.
An incident such as the American are mine workers message could have been awarded the number of the strike in the country the proper secret ballot legislature which would require unions to have a secret ballot voting process before striking was also important this is a giving back power to the Employees bargain said.

Google celebrates 2018 labor day with a doodle.
Google on Tuesday celebrated the international workers day with a doodle.
The day is a national holiday in India and its origin dates back to the late 19 century when the trade union And Labour movements were growing in the US.

1st May Day celebration in India was organized in Madras now Chennai why the labor Kisan Party of Hindustan on 1 May 1923. this was also the first time The Red flag was used in India.