What is vehicle insurance!Motor vehicles insurance information?

You may have heard many times that Life Insurance, Health Insurance of vehicle insurance, should be taken for a safe life.  there are many people in India who know about insurance! there are also bad people who are not aware of insurance in this way we are going to tell you today that insurance is going to be!
What is vehicle insurance!  Motor vehicles insurance information?

Insurance is such a facility that is being used mostly by every person in the world! 

because when any of our losses happen, we must have a powerful person background to compensate for the losses behind us,  which insurance company will provide how much insurance company is in India and what is insurance? All information today is going to give you.

What is insurance?

Insurance plan means insurance plan which are of many types!  such as life insurance, Health Insurance, vehicle insurance.
Insurance means, that 2 or more people are legally compromised as a mention in the insurance policy if there is a similar even describe it then there is a fixed amount of money to help!

Example.  : The first person to insurance firstly insurance come to insurance premium then the insurance company Rises liability to risk anything to It!

Example: like if you have bought a vehicle and have insurance so whenever there is any loss of an in the vehicle accident then the insurance company will be ready to pay it.
Now you have got to know what insurance is and how much security planning it is a that protects us from harms!

What is vehicle insurance?

Today we are going to give your full details about vehicle insurance just as we get Life Insurance for our cell and our families we can also do our own vehicles!

We can ensure any vehicles from the insurance company to the bike, scooter, car, etc.

If you have got insurance whenever your vehicle will be an accident and some part of its is damage or your vehicle gets any loss then the insurance company will support you in terms of money.

Now there are 2 types of vehicle insurance in India!

1:  Third-party Insurance
2:. Full party Insurance

1);: Third party Insurance
When 2 vehicles are accidental then the company will only assist The Other vehicles company will not help your vehicles.

2) Full party Insurance
This plan is the best because both of them support the company which means that the couple has become a part of the accident what to do if a vehicle is an accident or stolen.

If there is an accident with you then at the same time click on the accident vehicle from your mobile. then click on the phone of the insurance company and tell about the accident if your vehicles is parked on a place and there is a lost or stolen from it. 

then you should first find it everywhere and confirm that no one has joked with you after confirming,  you should give a complaint to the vehicle by dialing 100 number or by visiting the police station directly please give information to Insurance Company after complaint!

How to apply for insurance

company form!

1. Now you must first have you are on documents file such as the original copy of vehicle  RC, accident FIR, driving license, vehicle correction received insurance plan I the receipt of the third party, and if your vehicle is stolen then the vehicle must be added to the vehicle to be stolen!

2. After doing so when you give all the documents and proof to the insurance company then the officer will come to check your accident vehicles after checking again he will tell all your information to his company officer after a few days you will get the damage of the vehicle from the insurance company.

1. National Insurance Company
2. New India Assurance
3. United India insurance Company
4. Agriculture insurance company
5. Bajaj Allianz company
6. Bhari AXA insurance
7. Cigna TTK
8.HDFC Ergo
9. ICICI Lombard
10. IFFCO Tokio
11. Liberty Videocon
12. Max Bupa
13 . Reliance insurence
14.Tata AIG general
15. Royal Sundaram general
20 .LIC
21. Star health and Allied Insurance

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