What Are HTML, CSS,PHP and what are your uses for you?


In this article you will learn what HTML,CSS, PHP are and what are your use for you.
This is basically a guide for beginners who are interested in learning about HTML, CSS or PHP and want to start learning them.


The full form of HTML is, hypertext markup language this is a language that is used to create web pages and web applications. generally HTML is used with other Technologies like CSS and JavaScript, and then the community communication of your shares across the word continuous through the world wide web there is an HTML document behind almost everything that opens in our web browsers in other words web browsers.

 open HTML documents HTML defines the structure of any one web page and it determines how it will look in the page.

HTML pages are the building blocks HTML elements as if you see an image in any webpage the <IMG> elements is used behind it which is basically called image tag in HTML.

<P> tag is used for such a basic paragraph. Similarly there are many types that are used to create the entire webpage.  

if you have a blog or website that is made on WordPress,
then you might not have ever needed to use these tags or coding in HTML yet.  this is because wordpress such as CMS has been built in a way that is useful for non techy people. 

but in reality, wordpress also lets people see the imput coverted by you in HTML.

HTML documents how file extensions not html or . html but you would say that . html or with all the websites.

If you did not know anything about HTML before you might confuse this things right now, but there is no need to worry about you because now lots of resources are available online about HTML so that even beginner can become HTML expert in just a few days.

HTML is basically a standard for internet which is the work of w3.org the rules that they have made our user ID in HTML basic version As a standard throughout the world the latest version of HTML is HTML5 now.

If you want to learn HTML then we have given down the playlist of an HTML tutorials for you so that you can learn HTML in Hindi language go to YouTube and English language Hindi language HTML tutorial is available on YouTube.


Css of full form form, cascading style sheets as HTML defines the structure of any web page, CSS is a language that lets you styling any web page, 

however, with the help of HTML we can give styling to our web pages but only after 1 limit. to make our webpage very good and beautiful we need to use CSS and well as HTML.

The websites around the world use HTML to define the structure of their web page and then look good by styling with CSS.
 CSS is used in three ways one way is to use the internal CSS by using the<style> tag in HTML document another way is to insert inline CSS using the style attribute in any HTML tag or elements and the third the way is to create a separate file for CSS and write CSS in it  is a college external CSS stylesheet and it is of extensions. CSS the
Advantage of external CSS is that you can apply styling multiple pages at once to multiple HTML pages by implementing the same CSS file.

In CSS use select tags HTML elements and give them different styles. for example: if you want to change the background colour of A paragraph, then select the tag and press the background colour of the CSS into it.

Static Vs Dynamic Website's

Before going about PHP you have to understand the difference between static and dynamic website.

Only the websites created using HTML and CSS will be called statistic websites, because by using them we create static web pages .the coding we wrotes ones is fix it and accordingly every time the same things in the web browser is open it occurs. but there is no need for such websites every time often we need dynamic websites
are websites that content changes according to the users. With wordpress CMS we create dynamic websites only dynamic websites often use files from our side as well as database.

You can understand in static and dynamic field such that the content of static website is the same for everyone or they use any type of database. on the other hand, database is used in dynamic websites.


Using HTML and CSS only, we we can we cannot access  the database. For that we need some server side scripting language ,PHP is a server side scripting language which is often used for database connectivity.

What about everything PHP is a fulform hypertext preprocessor. this is a language whose code cannot show to the user in HTML. it's code can only be seen by the web developer and it can also access the server. The PHP code uses the resources of the server and then does it jobs . to exclude the HTML code only user and resources are needed but PHP can only run the server side itself.

With PHP you can create dynamic website of any kind if you are a wordpress blogger, then you should know that wordpress is also made of PHP code that is why you also need to set up a database for wordpress installation.

Whatever post pages of other content you write in WordPress it is a storage in your connected mySQL database. Not in any text file then with the help of PHP wordpress 50 your content from the database and looks to the users.

This is the reason that if you have more traffic on your website, then you will need a more powerful web server because PHP will then load more on the server.

So how do you feel like this or post ? if you have any questions?  or suggestions then please tell us through comments thanks for read this article.......

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