Vlogging Tips for better create youtube HD videos 

Cameras :

The most important gear you need for vlogging is your 📷
but you don't need something expensive to make a good video.
Here are popular "vlogging" cameras that have Various price ranges. which camera is linked to Amazon can see the prices and space.

#.  CanonPowerShot G7 X Mark II
#  Canon 70D
# Nikon Coolpix S6600 Bk
# Sony RX100 MK IV
# Panasonic LX10
# GoPro Hero 5
# Y1 4K action camera
Vlogging tips better create hd videos

the camera you select depends on the style of your videos. 

if you are taking more action shots, the GoPro might be a good option for example.
Your audience will appreciate HD quality videos but remember you can be just successful with your phone camera, especially when starting out.

Entertainment :

If you were a stranger watching your vlog for the first time, is every episode entertaining? 

It sounds simple but many people upload a boring Vlogs if you are a truly entertaining people will watch your videos to the end.  this will ultimately help you grow up faster why YouTube Algorithm. 

You can make your videos entertaining in countless ways. some things you need to consider are your tone, choice of music, transactions, cinematics, comedy if it's easy to watch and a good storyline.
Test and test and test until you find your own style and you are guaranteed to improve your Vlogs.

Frequency and Quality:

Post as many vlogs as possible without sacrificing quality. 

If you start daily vlog viewers beavers will love to see you every day and you have more opportunities of getting a Discovered.  my friends say he gained  100000 subscribers in his of first 5 years when he started posting daily he a group of a  10000 more subscriber in just 5 months!
So if you want to grow your channel you get out what you put in!

Other gear :

So you have your camera but what other Gear do you need?


Any Good editing software will have a learning curve but stick with it.  there are three popular options:
#  Final Cut Pro X
# Adobe Premiere Premiere Pro
# Sony Vegas Pro

Support /Tripod

There are plenty of tripods on the market.  when shopping around just try and pick something is study. especially if you have your 📷 camera.

Audio Equipment

a shotgun mic is the default choices Vlogging.  These mics only pick up sound from where you point it, not from the sides or rear.
If you are willing to spend a lot of money look for rode microphones.  if you are on a budget check out this Amazone and Flipkart.

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