iPhone 8 Red Review And Unboxing.

The iPhone 8
red and so of course Where are here with over here with over are here with over first look and our first impression .
in our impression in our unboxing of the new red iPhone and it is a little bit different .from last last year show the product red iPhone prediction that started last year continues this year of course we have more iPhones than more iPhones than normal we have that in the the 8 and 8 plus but this rate is only for the 8 and 8 plus .

# But whats a really knew this a time is Apple actually listen to their customers and this iPhone looks a little different and unboxing experience is a gonna be the same as any other iPhone 8 or 8 plus but of course now you have the red box .

# Of course now you have the redbox here  with a red text on a red Apple logo and its to her 8 + just for the record you take a look at its the same accessories in the box.

#  the same order of everything and of course now you get the pamphlet if you purchase any product.

# Red items for apple if you did not know donates portion of what of what You Spin to support HIV and AIDS programs and research for them now I don't know what portion exactly that is a bird but it's a for sure going to good cause.

#  but then after the paperwork you get that red iPhone in all its Glory in all its Glory Glory and right off the bat the bat the bat you can see is really really read it's a different read from last year.

iPhone 8 Red Review And Unboxing.

#  which was that
anodized matte red and aluminium finish this is under glass now has the iPhone 8 and 8 plus or so it some some the iPhone 8 and 8 plus or so it some some 8 and 8 plus or so it some some so it some more of like this.

# for Ferrari,  red or Ruby ,candy red, and I cannot even explain .to you exactly how this is the camera will have to do it justice and then of course you flip it's over and you also that they did in a fact listen to us a lot of the beig Complaints with last year's .

# red iPhones if we had any where that it had a word from this .
This year's its straight up red and black MKBHD edition iPhone 8 . we all want it so super red back back all black phone there's no other Apple devices like this right on black I really really like the look look like the look the look look . 

of its the more I look at it's a really hard really hard to capture in photos, I was trying to share them on Instagram and Twitter but it's difficult this is a seriously rate phone now .

#  what they have done with this I really want an iPhone 10 in this rate also I brought brought it or or not but obviously it's the same class that's on the back of the iPhone 8 iPhone 10 so I would love to see a red iPhone .

# then maybe sometime soon but anyway all the way around the edges you have matching red anodized Aluminium is still still anodized Aluminium is still still.

#  nice contracts with the black font and then of course the fingerprints reader touch id id and display everything else the internals is the exact same phone .

# as all the other iPhone it's just  with different colours and that's basically it all we were doing is AdMiring .

# a new colour here should you Do it may  be I mean as a beautiful . it is a you got to think you know its a six month , into the Apple product cycle there are gonna be a new iPhone 9 within like 6 months .

# Like clockwork

so if you are going now upgrade anyway go for it but you got to know whats the corner . 
or maybe let's say you  are happy with your phone right now and you don't want to spend a ton of money but you will still want a little bit of red in in your life.

#  If that guys you can of course gravel skin for the iPhone which will make it look a bit more read it say not exactly the same as this Ferrari red iPhone but of  course iPhone but of course the advantages you can make any phone look this way so I phone 10.

for example: you can turn red  which Apple didn't lion is all we are just looking are  at a mid cycle refresh of a new colour for iPhone .

share this article with anyone who you think might be interested in the super bright red iPhone it's on sale on sale it's on the side and I think's be in a store in a couple of day official but let me know if you had got this lets me know if this speak to you the weight does to me either does to me either way quick this article just want to share this thanks for reading this article.....