How to get increase more subscriber  on YouTube channel

1. Post more videos

Upload as often as you can and be consistent .one video per month will not make you successful.
You should post at least once a week .  but if you can upload quality content more often, you should do that.

Casey neistat is one of my favourite youtubers his first 5 years he gain a 5 lakh subscribers lakh subscribers  subscribers . a 5 lakh subscribers lakh subscriber but when he started uploading daily uploading videos , he got 15000  more subscriber in a 5 month.

Casey said," if you want to succeed here , you have gotta show up for work.  every. single . day."

At the time of this writing he sits at at a 4 million million subscriber and averages 1100 new subscriber everyday.

How to get increase more subscriber  on YouTube channel

Use other platform :

Post your videos on Facebook natively.  upload to your blog.  post videos on Twitter and post every where you can get eyes balls.  growing a strong YouTube audience is easier when you use other platforms as well.

Featured channels:

Strategically partner with other channels to grow your subscribers . on your home page you can add featured channels of other youtubers you like and recommended.
if you get a similar channels to future you , will start to get a new viewers  very quickly !


If you have some Momentum and At list  list of you thousands
chances are that another youtuber will be happy to collaborate with you.
find channel with a similar audience and similar size.  then , send your followers to that page by doing a Shout Out or incorporating them into your video.  the other channel channel will do the same for you.

Channel trailer :

Introduce yourself to New yours by creating a channel trailer.  the video will autoplay when on on subscriber visits the homepage of your channel . it's an opportunity to get a people interested in your content and watch more videos.  make a captivating videos that describe what you are all about.

Trending videos :

If something big is a happening that your audience cares about, make a video related to it . 

capitalise on a something that's popular in your area, on the news, or just trending trending everywhere .

for example :      100 youtubers made Pokemon go videos when the game came out and took the world by storm.
Google Trends will help you find a big keywords and show you what popular in a different areas.

Evergreen content :

What's trending now will eventually fade away . evergreen content will be relevant for years .
creating a content that is timeless and stays fresh for viewers is a goal every youtuber should have .
a lot of time less content will get will get content will get too much Momentum to fail.

Appreciate your viewers :

Thank you subscribers often because it can it cannot  be said enough also consider doing a giveaways  when you reach your goals or milestones even a thank you video can go a long way.

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TAG: 10 Tips On Getting Your First 1000 Subscribers
  1. Post Useful Content Consistently.
  2. Name Your Videos Strategically.
  3. Spruce Up Your Channel Design.
  4. Show Your Lighter Side.
  5. Shoot In Various Locations.
  6. Create A Custom Thumbnail.
  7. Use Annotations.
  8. Ask For Subscribers