Friends we had told you about your heatmap in the past and had also mentioned about top 5 free plugin to create a heatmap in the wordpress blog. 
Heatmap on wordpress

If you are not reading it in this post we will tell you how to make a heatmap by Sumo me plugin in a free for wordpress blog . In this we will explain step by step so that there will be no problem to the new blogger.
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It is a very important for the blogger to know about the analytics user activities of your blog this helps a blogger grow your blog when the blog goes down then it work to increase height checking the blog analytics report. Give us a lot of information this inspires us to do better for our blog.

Almost everyone from you would like to know hidden app is the best way for you to show ads on your blog which will get maximum clicks you will be able to find out where visitors to your blog like the most and at the same place ads will be able to get more click.
We are going to tell this post how to make a heatmap in a wordpress for free. Latest first tell you that there are more pet services to make the Hitman but there are some free tools through which you can create the heat map of your blog here we will explain how to make a heatmap through the Sumome tool you must also here its name first it has many services let us first tell about the heatmap in a shot.

What is a heatmap ?

I have tried to tell about it in detail in the previous post so we will try to tell her in short if we tell you in a simple then bye heatmap you can know how visitors use your site.

Buy these are you can find out where visitors place the most and your side and at the very least click anywhere however different types of colours are used to show this by which you will be able to easily understand and optimize the site accordingly.
How do I create a heatmap for blog by Sumo me?

There are a lot of plugin for making the Heatmap but so movie is one of the top most free plan is also available have to use this we are going to say a few simple is table of follow them with us.
Step 1: first of all go to the site of Sumome now click on the try it free button here.

Step 2: now you have to fill up some urgent information to sign up you can click on the sign up button after filling in your site URL, email address and password.

Step 3: now login to your wordpress blog and go to plugins add new and install and activate the plugin name Sumome.
Step 4: now you go to Sumome dashboard and click on connect.

Step 5: now a popup will open had you have to login with Sumome account by Email and password.

Step 6: now you have to select website or blog URL in this page and click on activate now.

Step 7: now you have go to Sumome dashboard again and click on my apps.
Step 8: now click on analytics and click on heatmaps then click on record new compaign for this page.

Now you are blocked has started becoming a heatmap recording have started from now on check the report after 24 hours. 

so that you can get accurate report this will tell you how many places your visitors click on in the site apart from this there are many tools which are very important for blogger so you can also use their other services there is also a paid plan available.

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