Complete guide to creating micro niche website ! and why start micro niche website? Earn $1000 monthly !

hello friends in this post i gonna show you "Complete guide to creating micro niche website ! and why start micro niche website? Earn $1000 monthly ! and earn monthly . so read carefully this post and create your own micronich blog and earn big money online.
 creating micro niche website ! Earn $1000 monthly !

Today to use to share post, related to blogging on this blog so you will know about blogging very well it has become a very good way to earn money from internet. today we are going to tell you about the first time the micro niche website if you do not know about it then we will try to explain it to you better so that you can understand it quickly.

Create micronich website guide

Internet has become the most special way of earning online money in today's time this has added a lot of people and many people are also involved now there is no unemployment as before its biggest reason is internet by the way you can earn money on the Internet in many ways earn money by becoming freelancer blogger or YouTuber.

For freelancing there should be information about doing something inside you as if you have information about coding then other another can hire you to develop a website for blogging or YouTube are the best option for you.
If you search on Google for a particular topic there will also besides with lots of micronich if you do not know about micro niche then let's talk about it below blog to build such a website you have to work hard enough for a while and then the money will run after you.

More developers create sites with micronich. From deals he and legs of income every month like any further Diwali festivals is going to come developers will create some interesting script about Diwali and promote it somehow after that they do not need promotion but rather get promoted themselves believe me you can and millions of this also.
If you are a blogger then I will tell you that once you have created a site with my phone is this will give you better result then it is a form you are blocked people who wants work by creating a microsite do not have the heart of blogging because there is a lot of benefit in it.
When I started blogging one of my friend started micro niche blogging it had to work a little harder to make it successful but from today its 100$ thousands of money everyone wants your post come in a good position in the search engine then you will have to choose a great hosting option for your blog. 

because so much traffic will appear that your site may also be down.
In this post we will try to give you complete information about the micro niche blog so that you can add millions of this also let's try to tell you  everything about it in the details.

What is a micro niche website?

Micro niche website is a site that focuses on any single night if you have a good knowledge of Physics science then you know that micronich means /1100000 part. Every post is written on one particular topic.

As an example if you have chosen the subject of pottery for your micronic side then it will have to write all kind of post dated to pottery only. Like Diwali shayari Birthday Shayari Independence Day Republic Day shayari,Bewafa Shayari, etc. In this case if you write a lot of post then you will need to take the site to a good position in the search engine.

You can earn $100 every day easily by micro nich let us also tell you that you will have to work very hard to create a site on micro niche. and gradually you will get the result I have seen many big bloggers that they work with their blog as well as on micro niche website and earn lacks of income from it.

So if you do blogging then take a little time to create a micro niche website and work on it will you you will be able to earn $1,000 per Month + every month easily.
This is a very common question that will come in the mind of many people so we tell you first of all the micronic website does not take much time to get a ranking in Google since ulta alterations have changed in the Google algorithm suicide have started giving too much value.

When you keep focusing on one subject in your site Google will know that you are an expert on the topic and you will also write a short post then service can get a place at the top if we tell you the answer in short then if you want to make money by making a blog in the shortest possible time then the micro niche site is a very good option for you.

Let me also tell you one of the best things that when you create a micro niche website block then you will need to work very hard and when you write a lot of articles by doing 6 to 7 month work in it then you have done without doing it earning will continue till lifetime.

If you are on YouTube login then you would say that you are blogging only on micro niche because if you create your blog on multinet then you have to keep knowledge on many topics and how to do research is on many topics but if you create a micro niche website then you must keep knowledge on one particular topic this will make you feel much is here and we'll have fun working.

You may have seen in any micronich said that contains 5000 + traffic many people would think that my Chrome is blog will not get more traffic from other countries then tell them to that now you can get so much traffic from over country that you will and per month easily for making millions government of us has now started paying more value to the internet.

Which needs did micro niche website make?

How to create pro micronich website

This is also very big. And people who have not yet made the blog then maybe it can be a very big hit as for them so we will try to explain to you about which need you have to start your blog .

to know which topic we start on your Micron is blocked just ask yourself to questions.
1. What is your interest ?  what is your popularity?

When you find the answer between this to you will easily be able to decide on which Micronich you want to start on the blog let me also tell you one of the most important things that you do not have to choose a night with a competition like money making sure internet marketing etc.
there is a lot of competition in it which is a very difficult to make the blog a success.

You should start your site at such a nice which have very few left site right now will throw the website will be found on almost all topics what is still you have to try to select a topic which have a lot of blog I am telling you about a few need below on which you can start your micronich blog.

1. Any sports topic cricket IPL hockey badminton etc.
2. Book and games.
 3.musical instruments,
4. wait lose tips and exercise,
5. online job
6.  posting children requirement 7. insurance celebrity biography 8. checking work job opportunity 9 . animal and pets
10. shayari cats and kittens
11.  real estate
12. Blackberry phones, Samsung phones
13. Apple phones Apple
iPhone 14. food cooking festival special 15. Honda Jewellery
16. watches
17. help house and flat for sale 18. hair beauty
19. bath and body.

After reading in the blog many people would have come to understand how to create a micro niche website but many people is still would not have understood then for them they are going to tell step by step below you will be able to follow all this step easily and if you do not understand or want to ask any questions related to it then comment in the comment box.
Step 1. Choose Your Topic

As you all know one have to select a topic to start a blog and post it is related to it would have already told about it very well . so we will tell you there in a short that you have to think of a subject which you know about and how much is popularity in the market.

The topic place a very big role to make the blog of success.  some people choose search topics for their blog which they have to little knowledge about with this he cannot open it in his post so that his users remain very  was it only last for sometime and finally it has to leave Blogging.

It is long term Nich example when you create a micronich slide on health net people will take care of health care in the future and Vale search about it you will know that you have to work Complete guide to creating micro niche website ! and why start micro niche website? ones in the long term site and you will get the benefits so whenever you choose need keep this in mind.

Step 2: select domains

You all know that domain is the most important part of our blog or website this brings us to our blog visitors for this reason you should select your blog or regardless of domain thinking.

If you want to do you are my phone is Blog then you should choose the domain according to your topic this will make your blog a good rank in the search engine you can also read your post to choose a good domain.

As my blog blogging is the nature on demand by its kept. When When you are telling the domain that you are choosing domain then I have no idea how to choose a good Aman but he still I choose a very good Aman this gives me more help in finding the ranking.

Whenever you view a domain be sure to use the keyboard associate with your name apart from this the domain should not be too beig be simple so that he can easily remember it.

Step 3: setting up your blog: 

Now you have to make your blog in this place and set up his sitting in this you have to make your blog on a good platform and some of them are not able to make customised customisation with some settings so that they look better.

Let me tell you that the budget is the highest for any business and it is necessary without a budget you cannot take your business forward if you start your own business in a somewhere then you will have a lot of trouble and it is also very difficult to succeed in your business.

If you have a budget then we would recommend that you start your micro niche blog on WordPress . It will cost you money but it is a far better than blogspot you will be able to give your blog a better look even without coding but to give a good look to the blogspot blog you need to have knowledge of coding.

If you do not have money then you have the option to make your blog on blogger you will get limited access along with Limited futures but if you are starting a blog then maybe this is also the best of info you because in blogger you do not have to face more errors.

Why you may have to face regular errors in our face if you have accidentally selected a bad hosting you will suffer a lot of losses many people will be willing to give you hosting at cheap rate but you will regret letter.
Make your blog on any of the two and set a good thing in it if you have money then choose a premium thing because there are so many futures and options available that can be found in everything give the design of your blog simple and fast loading.
After that make some important pages in your blog such as about US contact us privacy and policy etc all of these pages must be very important this allow visitors to your blog to know about you and stay connected to you.



Keyboard is a very important role for a blog to get ranking in the search engine you can get the first off in the search engine using the key word correctly in your blog.
If you are sad is on micro need then researching your keyword is even more important because anyways search engine is giving too much value to micro niche sites and if you use keywords like this then definitely your blog will be at the top of the Google search within very short period of time.

All the beig bloggers are most focused on keyword Research and they use good search volume key words in their post and due to this they can Rank well.

You can also get traffic from other country using keyword in your blog if you want to research keyword for your blog then there are many more paid tools with good sources but if you are searching for free tools you can use the KW finder tool. 

It has a lot of good futures and it's absolutely free.
Whenever you are doing keyword research keep in mind that there is no need to select a Keyword with very few and very search values and use only relevant keyboard from your blog we are giving you sometimes below which will help seo Search Engine Optimization.

1. Submit your blog to google bing and Yahoo search engine.

2. Always try to add long length content to your blog.

3. Use keyword in first and last paragraph of your post.

4. Use keyword in alt Tag and description of post image.

5. Used only H1 H2 and H3 H4 in the heading of the post.

6. Make a dofollow backlinks from another site for your blog.

7. Optimise
the blog post for your readers because when you are leaders like the post the search engine will also like it.

8. Make side split loading.

9. Do not use more than 2 -3 times a Keyword in any post .
5. Writing post :

Now you have made your own Micronich website and have done by 6 you so now you should not waste extra time I am aware that after making the site the focus goes to off things but you have to avoid all this then you will be able to make your site of success.
Now you have to fix your target and post regular to your blog try to know everything about Neet your blog is and Research it for so that you have complete knowledge about it with this you will be able to open the readers in your post and tell the full information.

If you daily post in your blog then it will be great this will make your visitors happy and the search engine will also increase if you are too busy then you must have 324 post to every week.

I have seen many people that the micronich creates a site and rights of you both and say that there is no information about it while this is absolutely wrong if you think that you have given all the information related to your name then read the feedback or comments of your readers and there will be some questions you can write about them and clear the whole information I mean to say that the answer to every little bit of a small discounts related to the nature of your blog is given in the full details.

Step 6: Monetize your blog.
So much money has been spend so far and how work it very hard so now it has come to get the result when you write 5264 on your blog you will get per day 1000 + traffic now take some step to earn money from your blog.

There are so many ways to earn money from the blog but to make money from them it is a very important that you have a traffic advertising is the best way to earn money from this you can connect your blog to a great advertising Network and earn money by displaying its ads on your blog.
Now a days actions and are the most popular advertising network most of the bloggers use absence in their blocks that since is a services of a very big company of Google.

In my case I am also an access user and I have been using it for years I have not even got a chance to complaints so I will advise you to also select at scenes with this you can do unlimited earning.
Apart from this you can make a good income form of light marketing just like that since gives you ask LIC Money but they give us money for product sale if you take affiliation form any company and show the product Banner in the block then a visitor's will click on it and you will get a commission .

In this way you can earn money through your blog in many ways you how to make your blogger success its money will run behind yourself ?.

Target Country Which $ 1000 - $ 3000 To Earn Every Months

If you want to earn from Google Absence or any other advertising network, then you should target USA (United States of America) or UK (United Kingdom). You are thinking that not just Q and USA are Q It is important that these two countries get the highest CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPM (Cost Per Thousand) on any keyword - even on CPC - up to $ 100, that means once you have $ 100 of Click on Advertisement We have to publish that which gets more traffic than USA and UK, we will be able to earn good earnings. 

Final thoughts ,

 this way you can create a micro niche blog and earn money from it would you like to tell on other things at last that promote your blog on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and so many social network because social media is also a big reason for the success of micro niche website if you put any post on social media and it becomes viral then you will not know where you will go from there for do not have the opportunity to promote your blog in social media.

I hope you have got the answer to all the exclusions related to my phone is in this post is there is still any confusion then comments if you like this post then definitely share it on social media.