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Thursday, 14 February 2019

Best web hosting provider of 2019.

Best web hosting provider of 2019.

Web hosting Companies 2018
If you want to establish your own online presence  then it is a great way to create your own blog or website.  there are many ways to create a website now . some platforms like bloggers allow you to create a blog for free but we know that such platforms do not offers as much more futures nor do we offer more customizations .

It is a good to create a self- hosted blog or website in this way.
When it comes to creating self- hosted blog or website , WordPress is at the forefront of this issue more than 25% of the world website have been created using the wordpress software  is completely free but you need web hosting to create your self hostel Blog with its help . Web hosting is the only thing that gives your website the power to open in the browsers across the world.

If you have read the article above you may have come to know about the type of different type of hosting and it will also have to know which type of hosting you need. So its comes to buying a hosting on which you can trust your website.
  In other words, it is now the best web hosting company choice we have given you the best of 2018 5 best web hosting companies.

When it comes to web hosting
hostgator is a name that have the name throughout the word and is a famous for its a quality customer support and great service all over the world . We have already written a lot of article about hostgator and we also recommended hostgator on your blog mobile75help as a first web hosting company to choose if you are a beginner then you can choose hostgator shared hosting plans.

Hostgator offers all type of web hosting plans .  So it does not matter whether you are a small blogger or a person who needs hardest web hosting, hostgator have a lot to offer to you.

Milesweb is not a such a popular company at the moment but I thought it was important to add milesweb to this list because the experience of my own experience and my client has been great with any other web hosting with milesweb .
milesweb  is an Indian company that follows the initiative of make in India and digital India. the speciality of their plans is that they are also affordable and provide the best resources too.

You can also choose the location of your server .  Their servers are also in India and in countries like Us. One more things that I like most about milesweb is their quality customer support.  their problems they help you a lot and tell your problem is fixed,  support you if a company's customer support is best for me nowadays, is then that is milesweb.

One more things that is a good for wordpress blogger in this context is that milesweb has special plans for WordPress, which offers great web hosting at very low prices.

Godaddy Primarily League does business with domain names, but for some years , they have started promoting their web hosting and they are included in the list of one of the best web hosting companies. 

They also offer web hosting offering of every type, just like other web hosting companies included in this list . in India,  he is started a new chapter of web hosting and which he also gives you a trial offer to try hosting.

Godaddy web
hosting identity is also their quality webhosting and quality customer support.  Godaddy is the only company  webhosting  in India . Which offers it supports and multiple Indian languages
The support is also 24/7 on call. If we compare it with milesweb or other companies,  You might find pricing a bit higher but with quality they do not compromise at all.

If you want to web hosting for a website that does not want to be slow down anytime . no matter how much demand is available.  then Kinsta is the best choice. 

many big bloggers in the world to scan stuff for hosting there a blog and websites. even shoutmeloud and wpbegginners are hosted only on kinsta web hosting.

It is basically a managed wordpress hosting solution. That is you do not have to do some technical work.  Most of your blogs technical part is manage by kinsta teams and you can be provided with an easy dashboard that allow you to take major  action on your own.

Bluehost is also a sister company of host Gator.  that is, the more reliable you can be on the Hostgator for web hosting, the same as on bluehost, But there is a great difference in their services and plans, even if the quality of service and customer support, are the same bluehost offers discounts from time to time you should take advantage of those discounts there is also a special things about bluehost that bluehost is a web hosting recommended by wordpress.org.

As you can see in the screenshot Shown  above,  they recommended bluehost on the official page of wordpress.org.
The reason for this is the popularity of bluehost as well bluehost is a currently hosting more than 20 million websites. and is one of the best web hosting providers of this time.

                              * Bluehost vs hostgator vs Godaddy( comparison of web hosting)

What web hosting is you using to host your blog ? are you happy with your current web hosting which web hosting company would you recommended to our readers ?  If you have any other web hosting company with whom you are experience is great do not forget to tell us through comments.

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