5 important tips to maintain your blog SEO ranking.

Seo is very important for any blogger.  we adopt many techniques to improve the seo of our blog. when the SEO ranking of our blog gets well then a slight mistake decreases the ranking. so we are going to tell you in this post how to maintenance your ranking
of the blog?

Seo strategies

Every blogger post very hard on him so that he can get more traffic to his blog. but blog are the most important SEO for getting more traffic. we optimise blog for search engine and make traffic gain from search engine.  but only a few bloggers can make their blog good rank in the search engine.

Actually,the main point is
That in today's time there are so many competitors on any topic. everyone wants that his blog is are the best Rank and the search engine and for that he was hard work the night. if you have to achieve the shortest time success then choose the most different topic for the blog. if your blog has a lot of blog on the topic. you already have then try at least something new and different to your competitors. this will not be a problem in achieving success.

When our blog start performing well in the search engine, we have to work hard to maintain its ranking. if we make a slight mistake and today's time then our competitors will overtake us.  I have seen many bloggers, whose blig is the highest SEO rank, but due to one mistake its competitors goes far beyond that.

In this post we are going to talk about "how to maintain Seo ranking of the blog". because if your blog SEO ranking is good and you do not maintain it properly then you will lose the ranking. for this we will tell you some tips, so that you can maintain the blog SEO ranking.

5 tips for maintaining blog's SEO ranking

Seo begginners gauide

1. Update article

  When our post a new and good topic, you will rank at the top of the search engine. but slowly when many people post on the same topic, the rank of your post will be reduced. if you want to keep the posting of that post the best way to do it, keep updating post.

When you do not post update for a long time search engine bot will understand that the information given and it is very old so it's a Serps will reduce ranking.
When you keep updating post from time to time search engine boat will feel that if you are updating information then it will improve its ranking.

2 . spend up your site

     To  increase your ranking there is a very important role of site loading speed . if you are blog loading speed is slow, then your blog will not be able to perform well in the search
engine . Google has long announces that page loading speed is a very important ranking factor of any site.

If you want to keep SEO ranking of your blog try to improve your site's loading speed . if your blog is on wordpress then you have a good hosting for it cache plugin, minify plugin and if you can use the CDN and this will improve your site loading speed.

3. Build Link:

     The most important part of Google ranking is "backlink ". many big bloggers have written this in Quote too . on which they have given the highest value to backlink. if you have to bring the blog to the Best rank in Google SERPS start creating backlinks from today.

   Backlinks are like to (nofollow and do follow backlinks) but we need dofollow backlink to increase the blog ranking. in addition to keeping spam ranking balances nofollow backlinks are needed.

    If your blog is new and you have created a lot of backlinks in a short time, then Google can punish you as a spammer. so create backlink according to domain age.
Backlinks is very important for maintaining source ranking of the blog. create dofollow backlinks for blogs. if you do not  pay attention to it then maybe the most important reason for your site SEO ranking decline.

4. Outbound and Internal Links :

   The seo  of your blog have a lot of importance in the internal links.  when we write post were how to add related post links to it.

this is a called internal linking only. along with this, we have to add the external links while writing the post. when you add external link use the nofollow tag in it. it is a very important to manage the blog SEO ranking.

5. Be proactive about negative SEO attacks:

     If your site has us your position right now then it may be reduced that form negative SEO attack . when we are doing SEO blogs then there is a mistake at that time then this is the reason why negative  attacks happen.this gives our blog a penalty from the search engine and the search engine lets us index our site.

now let us know that when we give backlink to increase ranking. then this is a negative so attack . from this if a blog has too much nofollow links then search engine give us a blog as spammer.

Final thoughts,

If you do not want to lose the SEO ranking of the blog and want to improve it then all the tips mentioned above will be needed for you . this will not jiopardize your blog ranking in the search engine or the blog penalties.
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