How to create a wordpress website

Making a creating a a website on wordpress is simple .wordpress is  outlined such that event non- tech  users not tell users not tell users that event  tell users can also plan their own particular site easily and attractively
Here  we'll examine each  and every step associate with a creating a wordpress website.

1.  choose the right right platform
2. choosing and domain name and host 3.  select a subject layout theme
4.  creating a new pages
5. adding content
6. adding media
7.  introducing a modulus plugins 

choose the right right platform
In the first place you need to choose and a suitable platform platform suitable platform  to build your website with.  here  a platform implies it is a possible that you need to make your site using HTML, CSS or utilising a CMS (content management
system) .
there are a difference well-known CMS in the market like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, DotNetNuke, and so on.
Why choosing WordPress:
For a beginner wordpress will be the best as it I need don't bother with any Technical skills and because of its adaptability it is a suited  for a type of users .
‌you will get a great deal of a choice to choose subjects as an extensive variety of group configuration topics for wordpress .it can deal with a website.

‌ weather large or small .most known website like CNN,NASA, EBAY use wordpress.
‌ above all, its a give you a responsive site which makes it so good with a small screen devices like a cell phones and tablets.
‌ shared hosting is the best decisions for a beginners. you can a letter upgrade your site,s hosting according to the sides traffic.

‌ choosing and domain name and host:

‌ you need a domain name and hosting space to get your website on the web/ online.
‌ domain name enables you to give your website your own particular name while hosting give a space to your website on a server which makes your site loads .
‌quickly and wont's go down for a considerable length of time.
‌ domain name should be short and simple to recall ,
‌markcapable and appealing which define is your business.
‌ picking and domain name is not simple with a satisfying every one of the criteria as million of domain names are active.

select all layout theme layout theme:

‌ After installing WordPress ,a side seams plain.  to make it some more attractive ,user install best reasonable subjects for their site it adds visual and

views to the front page.
‌ above all else, login to your wordpress site. of course, first screen will be your dashboard.

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‌ after login you will get a free access for 150 free themes
‌ look at the above screenshot, to take a look at the free subject / themes, got the sidebar menu of your dashboard ,select appearance- themes .
‌below screen will show up including all the introduced things. look

‌at the above screenshot, in the event that you need to install more themes click on add new button Above and install it.
‌ to install a theme, click on install took after by activate button.


‌ look at the above screenshot ,go to sidebar menu ,click pages and new  option adding content.


‌ at the end we as a whole will result in this present circumstances. To make website popular . we need to post
different things on increment the popularity of our site .
‌clicking on a post - add a new option, the above page will show up on the screen.
‌ there are two ways to compose a post, it is a possible that you may write in a visual editorial Manager or in a text
‌editor( in HTML).  as of now the screenshot is of  text editor.


‌ you can divide your content in a various categories by adding the categories to them . this tool tool is a helpful when you are a distributing content for more than one field click on post - categories ,you will a coordinated to the above page here , in a name add a title to your new category. in a Slug ,you can I include a few word which will it turn out to be a piece of URL while searching.

Tag :

‌ Tag are  particularly like a categories with just a single contract that is post  has its own set of a tag.


‌ comment makes a debate on a few post or sites. If you  clients don't need there's guest to comments. They  can close the comment of in WordPress to disable a comment for a specific page go to pages -add a new tab on a screen option on top right tick on  discussions box scroll down ,untick allow comments options to disable comments by default go to setting-  discussions
‌untick" allow people to post comment on a new article."


‌ sidebar wich  by and large shown up on the right side (some of the time shown up on a left )content widgets just like archive, category and meta, and so on.
‌ to edit the sidebar , go to appearance- widgets.
‌ use a drag and drop method to other user widghet or a remove widget.


‌ each website needs some photographs and videos to describe its a content and value . wordpress add additional give a usefulness to add a media .you can add a image of a caption, title and description along with media .

‌also add alternative text help search engine to identify the pictures.


‌ plugins are the extensions in the wordpress with a certain bits of coding growing particular functions to your site. there are not inherent.
‌ there avery nearly 25000 different plugins option to choose from.
‌ installation of plugin is extremely simple.  click plugins. you will see three choices, as appear in the screenshot below

‌click on  plugins - add a new following screen will appear in a front of you.  You can pick a plugin from the given options.  plugin from the given options . simply click install now and you will have the capacity to use it.