Recover data fro SD card using USB Data cable (memory card)

Hii friends in this article i will share “Recover data fro SD card using USB Data cable “
How to repair currupted sd card data recover process in article full guide. You will need currupt sd card ,a soldering iron,a dish of data cable, with 3 points, white,green blue,so lets get started......

First of all use your sd card and sd card not move edwell something  and my case i am taping it and my suggestion tayping your sd card.  On straikle
Use tape straikle

   1 . now use your soldring iron you hav do this very carefully or you will bearn your sd card

2. now you hav to understand which point you have to solder  on the sd card .
Data cable

3. like i have to talk you soldering  white, blue, and green of the  data cable on the sd card .
Data cable wire jumper

4. so i have last point solder a white one solder second point to green one ,you have to solder  first bigger point to  green one,  i am showing a figger  you can undestand can better  .
3 pin wire

5.  now i am going to explain all process you have connect the wire your memory card and
connect your data cable to your computer ...
Data cable wire

6. so scan refresh your computer and you have to show sd card name on your my computer files  and copy your sd card data and paste your another memory card to paste data files sond music videos and photos ..

   So i have explain “Recover data fro SD card using USB Data cable (memory card)”

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