Introduce chargerof a mobile phone full guide .

 Hii firends ,welcome to the my next post mobile repairing phone  in common use componts and part use with be mobile phons . i a share today “  how to check mobile charger and introduce of a mobile phone charger” one of the importants componts that be nrmally use mobile phone with be charger i have already publish post to how to repair mobile phone battery and i today post share how to work mobile phone charger in mobile phone working. Using the mobile charger the directly charge the battery in the mobile phone .

 Charger trancfer ti the chrging power  send be power ic and be to others important internal componts  it is supply which a battery  provide by asessories power in mobile phone battery and charge mobile battery to full say this post different types of the charger mobile phones and how to work in mobile phone pcb body . 

look at inside a charger place of the mobile pcb body componts a charger and unstanding in the determine fault of the mobile phone charger  the 1 one different types of connecter in mobile phone charger usind charge.

Exaple ,  micro tips connecter ,flat tips connecter,multi types connecter use in charge mobile phone . simularly the get on many others available charger connecter .recently are micro usb connecter ,so get i share this post to continue and reading my full post how to work charger componts .

how to repair mobile phone charger in charging solutions 

1.  So you read of my earlier post to charging fault soluitons and display light fault solutions i have alraedy share all mobile phone repairing post to in my website  and you need my post so raed this website article and unstand mobile repairing technology knoledge to start read post beggining my site. 

mobile charger fault repair

2.  So you now slowly pushting open your mobile phone charger . look at this charger pcb part on the charger internal part i have upload  image pcb charger look at above image.  And ustand slowly charger pcb out . and you can see intire pcb part take and out of thew charger .

3.  So first i have introduce to cell phone charger internal componts . so will i start here see will inside here ther input side

4.   Hey you can see this is the resistance i have upload image look at this resistance images .identfy resistance by look at the colorcode by resistance on the body part black coor to circle  and you have easy to identify resistance in the charger body .

5.  This is the elctronic capaciter how to identify capaciter you can see he is big size and black color you can easily identify capaciter of the charger phone . capaciter value are 4.7 volt write the capaciter body and you easily identify capaciter .

6.  This is a mosfet mosfet identify hole of the things look charger body you can see hole and identify mosfet .very simple and easily identify charger componts in the charger pcb body.

7.  This is the normal trasformer see this transformer color is yellow and big size in the chareher pcb body .


8.  This is the ic chips this is the near by diode u can easily identify all charger part on the pcb body.

9.  Charger important componts are  mosfet ,capacitor ,tranformer diodes, and how to work in charger i will explain in this post . so look at below points and  learn mobile phone repairing all course part repair .

charger pcb part introduce guide

How to work charger componts in charger pcb body .

1.  Now if you about telling of the charger system  first getting the 220v ac  form are input volt froem are a supply . after that will be converted supplly tranfer which rectifire so i will telling about this part taht reducing part ac componts .

2.  You can see big capciter after that supply kind of perfect dc supply converted high preqven cy ac signals .  and normal convert by ac to dc capacitor and diodes to supply .size of capaciter reduce the all componts frequncy all the charger part of the mobile phone  .

3.  Now if you want to change the frequancy of ac signals to change dc power in charger componts supply in the mobile phone pcb .

4.  We have converted the 50 h dc signals into dc signal now that supose this is the dc signals you have on off on off very have the dc signals mosfet are on off on off frequency and convert are dc signals power supply tranfomer tranfer by lower signals volt and convert by ac to dc signal .

5.  You need a 5 to 6 dc volt for a mobile phone battery charging .ac signal by converted by ac signals to dc signal work and this work are convert by capaciter and diodes with work.

6.  Now you can see normally power supply or the power supply switch   see normal transistor are supplied the power capciter and capaicter tranfer power reply traformer and diode and diodes send power by capaciter filter and ics and replay send transister and output value are send your mobile phone pcb so i have explain normal charger part of mobile phone using . i have share full explain in this article and you can come with me my this article and read post .

Soi has share normal explain charger PCB body information  next time I will show full explain mobile phone charger how to solve mobile phone charger dead
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